The Easy Colon Cleanse You Need For Better Digestion

If you've been following along with wellness trends over the last few years, you've likely heard of the gut-brain connection. Accordingly, an influx of ideas to cleanse, support, and optimize the function of various organs involved in digestion has quickly followed suit. In addition to drinking enough water and eating fresh, organic whole foods, adding kefir to your diet may be an excellent way to support your microbiome and your colon.

Kefir comes from milk that contains kefir grains — essentially live probiotics, Healthline reports. You can think of the kefir grains as the starter for the mixture, while the milk is the carrier. You can also find vegan versions of kefir made from plant-based milks, if that works better for your diet. The live microorganisms in this type of drink are actually more powerful than those found in yogurt, the outlet suggests, making it a powerful, gut-healthy boosting tonic that aids in colon health. These probiotics are also responsible for enhanced digestion and even a better mood. 

Furthermore, Mindbodygreen reports that kefir is excellent at decreasing any inflammation that may be present within your system. If you're feeling sluggish, your colon may need extra support from this probiotic staple, getting things moving and healed in no time.

Ensure you're eating enough fiber

In addition to supplying your gut with healthy bacteria, you should add enough fiber to your diet as well, in order to properly empty your colon. Healthline notes that high-fiber foods contribute to a healthy colon and help it expel waste properly. You can add ground flax seeds to your morning kefir to up your fiber intake and support your gut on a deeper level. When it comes to juicing, however, it's best to add various types of juice to your diet while still eating. The outlet explains that juice cleansing or fasting may actually be damaging to this organ, so instead, opt for fresh juices or smoothies so you can fully reap the benefits of the greens and fruits. 

With your new routine of kefir, ground flax seeds, and juices, you can also pick up different colon-cleansing teas, including those with marshmallow root and aloe vera. Additives like cayenne pepper, garlic, and ginger are also beneficial when looking to support your colon, the outlet reports. You can find a tea that contains a few of these herbs and spices to add to your routine to support your colon. 

If you've been experiencing indigestion or feeling less vibrant, taking special care of your system — particularly your colon — can help you feel better. But, if your stomach has been giving you grief for an extended period of time, it's best to visit your doctor.