Here's How You Can Watch Every Season Of Welcome To Plathville

Welcome to Plathville is one of the newer shows on TLC's viewing block, but it's quickly become a fan favorite. Like TLC's former darling 19 Kids and Counting and its successor, Counting On, Welcome to Plathville follows a big, conservative Christian family. The Plath family consists of Barry and Kim Plath and their nine blond-haired, blue-eyed children: 22-year-old Ethan, 21-year-old Hosanna, 19-year-old Micah, 17-year-old Moriah, 16-year-old Lydia, 14-year-old Isaac, 11-year-old Amber, 9-year-old Cassia, and 7-year-old Mercy (via YourTango). As the show progresses, you meet Ethan's wife, Olivia Plath, and Hosanna's husband, Timothy.

The Plath family live together on their Georgia ranch, where they have a much different life than your average family. The children are home schooled, they don't watch television, and they have never had soda, among other things. "We've structured our lifestyle here so that we can retreat to our piece of heaven on earth," Barry told People

"We have limited technology. We have limited computers. They don't play video games," Kim added, giving insight into the family's traditional lifestyle. 

The religious family has seen some turbulence since season 1 premiered in November 2019 (per IMDb). As their older children venture into young adulthood and their own marriages, it's causing some fractures in the tight family structure.

Season 3 seems all but certain

Fans have been eagerly awaiting an announcement regarding season 3 of the show. Many think that the Plaths are showing the real struggles of a family who doesn't entirely agree on religious beliefs. That said, some also think that the family is putting on an act for the cameras. The truth may ultimately weigh on the show's fate, but many believe that a third season will come when the time is right. Moriah's boyfriend, Max Kallschmidt, hinted that filming on a new season may have already begun when a fan asked about season 3 and he replied, "Working on it" (via ScreenRant).

If you want to catch up before then, there are a number of ways to stream Welcome to Plathville. You can stream them for free with your cable or satellite subscription to TLC by signing in with your provider. It's also available on Discovery+, Sling TV, and YouTube TV. Season 1 is also available on Hulu Premium.