Here's What Glenn Close's Net Worth Really Is

For nearly 50 years, seven-time Oscar-nominated actress Glenn Close has been engaging audiences of all kinds with her film and television work. And while her upbringing was anything but ordinary, she found her roots in the New York City theater scene and her undeniable talent launched her career onto the big screen.

In 1954, Close's parents joined what most people would consider to be a cult called the Moral Rearmament (MRA). While it sounds more like the plot of a movie than real-life, the missionary organization gave the budding actress an opportunity to travel the world from her time in Swiss boarding schools to touring Europe with an MRA singing group. At 22 she went out on her own and found herself studying drama at the prestigious College of William and Mary in Virginia (via Biography).

With a love of acting and theater, Close moved to New York City to try her hand at the bright lights of Broadway making her debut in Love for Love during the early 1970s (via PBS). She focused her attention on her theater career to great success and in the early '80s caught the eye of a director who immediately offered her a role in The World According to Garp, which would ultimately change the trajectory of her career (via Biography).

With blockbuster after blockbuster from Dangerous Liaisons, and The Big Chill, to The Natural, and Fatal Attraction, Close became a Hollywood A-lister in under a decade, and that huge body of work resulted in a huge payday, as well (via IMDb).

Glenn Close loves acting and can't wait to take on more projects

Along with her Oscar-nominated work, Glenn Close has tired her hand at everything from sitcoms to the Marvel Universe. She's even thrown her hat into voice acting taking on the character of Mona Simpson in The Simpsons (via IMDb). Most recently, she was nominated for Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture at the 2021 Golden Globes  for her role in Hillbilly Elegy. Seriously, is there anything she can't do?

But even with a resume that spans half a century, Close loves acting and is looking forward to getting back in front of the camera. She recently told The Hollywood Reporter that the first thing on her post-pandemic to-do list is, "get[ting] back to work." With drive like that it's no wonder Celebrity Net Worth estimates her earnings at $50 million! It also doesn't hurt that she earned a whopping $200,000 for every episode she was in on the hit series Damages.

While the world slowly gets back to normal, Glenn Close is enjoying life in rural Montana. Her historic brick home, built in 1892, that happens to be right next door to her younger sister Jessie is as she told The Hollywood Reporter, "little and I love it."