What Do The Blended Bunch Parents Do For A Living?

The newest family of the TLC network is sure to win fans over with their story of love after loss, but who are the Shemwells? Ahead of the March 16 premiere of their show, The Blended Bunch, details about Spencer's career is being revealed. 

According to a report from Starcasm, Spencer owns his own contracting company, Hive Remodeling (via Instagram), which he relocated from Virginia to Utah after a tragic car accident took to the life of his wife, Aimee, and what would have been their fifth child. Prior to the move, the company was called Shemwell Home Services (via LinkedIn).

LinkedIn also revealed that Spencer worked as a field inspector, maintenance technician, and project manager before starting his own company in July of 2014.

In a separate report, shared by TV Overmind, it was noted that, when it came to Spencer's decision to move his business to Utah, he felt led by God to the area, where he ultimately met Erica on an online support group, following the death of her husband Tony.

Erica Shemwell is a stay-at-home mom

As for Erica, who was pregnant with her seventh child when husband Tony died of brain cancer, Stars Offline confirmed she is a stay-at-home mom, which is certainly quite necessary when it comes to raising her and Spencer's combined 11 children.

In 2019, Erica opened up about her struggles to raise her family alone during an interview with The Stream, "I had our seventh baby just a few months after he passed away. I was trying to adjust to life as a single mom, taking care of a newborn and my six other children."

While Erica is currently acting as a stay-at-home mom for her and Spencer's blended family, another TV Overmind report revealed that she once had her own blog. As the outlet explained, Erica launched a website called Moments and Miracles, where she kept her friends and family in the loop with her husband's health journey until 2018.