What It Really Means If Your Wrist Hurts From Typing All Day

Have you ever arrived to work fresh from eight hours of sleep, a full cup of coffee, and ready to start your day only to instantly feel your wrist scream in pain after answering some emails? It's frustrating no doubt. You want to get your work done, but it's also worrying.

As it turns out, there are many reasons why your wrist can hurt after typing for extended periods of time. Oftentimes the tendons in our wrists can become swollen and start to push up against a nerve in the wrist. This is called Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and can possibly be what you are struggling with if you feel a numbness, weakness, or tingling sensation in your hands and wrists (via Neuroscience Specialists). Another condition with similar symptoms to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is called Cubital Tunnel Syndrome. The biggest difference is that it happens because nerves become scrunched in the elbow instead of the wrist (per Cleveland Clinic).

Don't ignore the pain

Arthritis is also on the list of the accused conditions for your typing-inflicted pain. It may have a reputation for being only a problem for the elderly, but it can be found among anyone who may have undiagnosed issues with their joints or skeletal alignment. If it is arthritis, you are likely to feel more of a stiffness in the joints in and around your wrists as well as possible swelling (via Cleveland Clinic).

We can share with you the possible causes for your typing-induced wrist pain, but it would be wise to make an appointment with your doctor to get the most accurate diagnoses and treatment plans possible. William Seitz, Jr., MD, explains why pain shouldn't go ignored. "Pain is a defense mechanism. It's telling you there's something wrong," he says. Adding, "If it's painful and not going away, get it checked out" (via Cleveland Clinic).

In the meantime, you can try these simple tricks to help alleviate any further pain. Keep your wrists aligned straight with the keyboard, take frequent mini-breaks, and be aware of how much pressure you are putting on the keys while typing (via Muir Orthopedic Specialists). Again, we know it's frustrating when you can't shoot off those emails because of annoying wrist pain. But keep your health a priority, and don't ignore the pain ... or let that full cup of coffee grow cold!