This Royal Had The Best Wedding Dress, According To 35% Of People

Who doesn't love a royal wedding? As a spectator, that is. From a very safe distance, such as the other side of a TV screen across a very large ocean. If there's one thing we know about royals and weddings alike, it's that both tend to be filled with drama. Put the two things together, and that's a recipe for Shakespearean-level theatrics.

And let's talk about the costuming! Pretty OTT, right? Like, red carpet fashion statements can be fairly extreme, but awards shows come around only about 20 times a year and celebrities are practically a dime a dozen by now. Royals, however, are far harder to come by, plus they don't tend to have more than one wedding each. If they should remarry, as was the case with Prince Charles and Camilla, they do so on the QT, or at least as QT as the paparazzi will permit. Needless to say, when the royals throw an official wedding wingding, they pull out all the stops, and some of the outfits royal brides have worn ... Well, better them than us. There's no denying, though, that it's a guilty pleasure to see all of the pomp and circumstance, even if it comes at the cost of a little human discomfort The List thought it would be fun to see which royal wedding dresses get the most yesses, so we polled 652 people as to their favorites. The winner, drawing over 1/3 of the vote, was Princess Di's ode to 80s poofiness.

The also-ran royals

Coming in at second place, with almost 28 percent of the vote, was the lacy little Alexander McQueen number worn by Kate Middleton. Insanely pricey at over $300K, but we must say she wore it well, and she is going to be queen one day, after all (via Insider). Meghan Markle's off-shoulder Givenchy white satin creation was the third place vote-getter with 19 percent ... then it was a long way back to the rest of the "minor royals". Sarah Ferguson's symphony in shoulder pads got a little over 4 percent of the votes, Princess Beatrice's hardly-seen-by-anyone dress only drew 3 ½ percent (Harper's Bazaar pics show it as a cute vintage number that deserved to rate much higher), and Princess Eugenie's gorgeous portrait-collared gown should totally demand a recount ... not even 2 percent? Seriously?

8 ½ percent of our respondents chose to go with "Other." According to the comments they left, most of them had no opinion/didn't care/couldn't tell one long white dress from another if it waltzed up and whacked them in the snoot. A few, however, had other ideas ... kind of off-the-wall ones. One fan of nuns' habits favored "The wedding garments of the Bride of Christ" (so a vote for Prince Philip's mom, Princess Alice of Battenberg?) while another respondent nominated "Queen Elizabeth ( the 1st)." While the monarch in question was for sure a snappy dresser (that ruffled collar!), she didn't actually get around to tying the knot so we'll never know just how glorious Gloriana's gown would have been.