The Surprising Benefit Being Single Has On Your Sleep

Sleeping is often a very personal thing, and while it may be nice to cuddle up to someone and watch a movie or enjoy a good snuggle session, hitting the sheets alone is preferred by many. Whether you're single or simply choose to sleep in a separate space away from your significant other, there are some positive things that can come from snoozing solo.

Dr. Guy Meadows, the co-founder of The Sleep School, tells The Daily Mail that there are some major benefits when it comes to having the bed to yourself. "It's rare that you find two people with the same sleeping habits, and so sharing a bed can be a difficult and potentially sleep-depriving process," Meadows said.

According to Glamour, sleeping with another person could completely disrupt your natural rest flow and even cause health problems. A survey conducted by the University of Leeds and Silentnight found that "of the people surveyed, 29 percent said their partner was an obstacle to their sleep. And not sleeping through the night can hurt everything—from your mood to your skin to your eating habits," the outlet reports. While slumbering alone offers an additional level of comfort, it seems that singles are also gaining some other surprising benefits from their sleep patterns.

The benefits of sleeping alone

There are plenty of reasons why being single, at least in the bedroom, may actually be good for your health. Solo sleepers are able to snooze in any position that they choose without awkwardly encroaching on their partner's space. This allows them to be at an all-time comfort level. Of course, the blankets aren't an issue either. If they're cold they can bundle up, and when they get too warm, it's simple to kick off the covers without the complaint of a companion. reports that going to bed alone also allows a person to create their own sleep schedule in order to rest at the time that best suits them. They won't be awakened by a partner getting up for a midnight snack, or hear their alarm ringing. In addition, they'll get a deeper sleep and likely be able to snooze for a longer amount of time if they're going it alone.

According to Healthline, getting restful sleep is one of the most important things you can do for your body. During sleep, the brain can store information and even rid itself of waste. It also gives cells a chance to repair themselves while recharging your energy for the next day. Getting enough rest can also impact heart health and help maintain weight. It's clear that the single crowd has figured out something when it comes to comfortably snoozing, and their bodies may just thank them for it.