The Truth About HGTV's Everything But The House

Lara Spencer is a co-anchor for ABC's Good Morning America and the host of Flea Market Flip, on which people upcycle items found at flea markets for a profit. Beginning March 19, viewers will get to see her on HGTV's Everything but the House, as well. She serves as an executive producer and the host of this new show, which is about clearing out clutter and cashing in on treasures found around the home (via HGTV).

Jacquie Denny, a co-founder of an auction website called "," will also be part of the series, along with other experts who will assist in appraising (via House Beautiful).

These sold items will then help out a woman wanting to retire in Aruba, a couple needing to raise money for their food pantry, siblings helping their mom downsize, a divorcee starting a new life and taking a trip to Singapore, and more (via HGTV).

Treasures on Everything but the House could go for hundreds or thousands of dollars at auction

While the premise of finding hidden treasures, putting them up for bids, and watching people's lives change sounds exciting, there is a twist on Everything but the House: The bidding must start at just one dollar. So while Spencer, Denny, and the appraisers may find value in certain items such as art, jewelry, turntables, and coin collections, those looking to buy may or may not hike up the price (HGTV).

"A house overrun with stuff can be daunting," Spencer said when discussing the HGTV television series. "Our team of treasure hunters empties the whole house to find hidden surprises that could be worth hundreds, even thousands, of dollars at auction."

Will anything sell for that much? Will everything? Find out, as Everything but the House, which Realscreen says was first announced back in October, premieres with back-to-back episodes at 9 p.m. and at 9:30 p.m. EST on March 19, 2021.