The Secret Marrying Millions Stars Are Hiding From You

Lifetime's Marrying Millions gives viewers an inside look at what it would be like to suddenly have the money to make your dreams come true. From the creators of 90 Day Fiancé, this reality series follows couples in which one partner is breathtakingly wealthy and the other is not. This poses the question: Is it true love or love of money that keeps them together? While some couples have seemingly found their happily ever afters, others broke off their relationships by the end of the first season.

As viewers of Marrying Millions know, having loads of money might seem like the path to long-term happiness, but it's no guarantee. Sometimes appearances can even be deceptive, especially when it comes to money. Starcasm delved into whether all of the couples depicted are legitimate and found some possibly incriminating evidence to suggest they're not. The website questioned if Las Vegas real estate investor, Gentille Chhun, and construction worker, Brian Blu, from Season One were ever a real couple. It cited Brian's IMDb profile, with over 62 acting credits, and an acting profile on another website in which he lists reality television among his acting experience.

While the couple broke off their relationship at the end of Season One, they aren't the only ones raising eyebrows.

Some of Marrying Millions wealthiest stars have had money troubles

Season One's Drew Gemma won the heart of Rosie Marin by lavishing her with expensive gifts, thanks to his billions. However, his finances might not be as in order as viewers believed. According to Starcasm, the State of Ohio Department of Taxation has filed 14 liens against Drew since 2012. As owner of a construction and landscaping company, Drew has also used his company's equipment as collateral, leaving it vulnerable to additional tax liens. Fortunately for Drew, Rosie eventually married the billionaire despite any discrepancies in his financial reporting.

While it goes without saying that no one's life is perfect, Drew isn't the only wealthy star depicted on the show to seemingly have had significant trouble with his finances. Cast member, Sean Lourdes, claims to have a sizable income, thanks largely to his family's publishing company, but an exposé by the Los Angeles Times alleges he also has a history of not paying bills. The publication cites cases in which checks he wrote for sponsorships failed to clear, and he failed to follow through on charitable donations he allegedly promised to prominent Los Angeles charities. Although he sold a luxury vehicle to make good on some of the claims, it's easy to question if he has as much money as he claims.