How You Can Get More Matches On Online Dating Sites

You uploaded a cute picture, added a quirky but flirty pick-up line, and swiped right on every picture you saw, and yet, no matches? Welcome to the world of online dating sites! Almost every digital dater experiences feelings of frustration, rejection, and hopelessness when it comes to dating apps and websites, according to Psychology Today. Online dating has become a common way of meeting someone, and yet, we're still figuring out the algorithm that'll help us find Mr. or Ms. Right. But, don't fret! While people can be hard to figure out, the data of dating apps is not.

Per Cosmopolitan, manipulating the system to get more matches (and therefore more chances of dates) is easy. The first step is to simply upload a candid shot where you're making eye contact. While pictures of yourself looking off into the distance or hanging with a group of friends may be Insta-worthy, matches don't think so. AskMen revealed that matches prefer photos that show off your full physique, head to toe. Style Girlfriend recommended posting a few photos that showcase glimpses of your hobbies such as scuba diving, mountain climbing, or even fishing. Potential suitors want peeks into your life, so highlighting some of your interests are important! But, don't overdo it. There is such a thing called adventure porn, according to Style Girlfriend.

These tricks will make your online dating profile more attractive

Call upon your furry friends and feature them in your online dating profile! AskMen revealed that animals, especially dogs, can increase the likelihood of getting matches. So, if you have a special furry friend (or any cute animal, really), now is the time to highlight them! Not only are your photos in your profile, but so is your bio. Sometimes a one-line bio can work, but Cosmopolitan recommends actually writing a few short sentences about yourself. Melissa Hobley, the chief marketing officer at OkCupid, told Cosmopolitan that filling out your entire profile is the only way to secure matches, so writing witty and creative sentences about yourself is a must! "Fuller profiles show up more to other users and therefore increase the odds of getting a match," Hobley said.

Lastly, please, please proofread. AskMen revealed that bad grammar is a no-no when it comes to online dating. Spellchecking your bio is the bare minimum, and if you can't do that, then why would any potential match trust you on a date? If you're ready to find the perfect match, then incorporate these tips into your favorite online dating sites and apps, and begin swiping. Within no time, you could be meeting your future partner.