What Are Kyle And Noon From 90 Day Fiance Doing Today?

The 90 Day Fiancé success rate is higher than you might think, but it's still sadly rare that we witness genuine true love on the hit reality show. Following jet-setting couples who are aiming to settle down after completing their K-1 visa application, at which time they can finally get married, 90 Day Fiancé runs the gamut between life-affirming and horrifying, often in the course of a single episode. When it comes to the story of season 3's Kyle and Noon, however, the former was definitely true. 

As The Cinemaholic reports, New Orleans-born Kyle met Bangkok native Noon online and subsequently in person while he was traveling around Thailand. Although Noon was convinced Kyle just needed a tour guide, he actually knew she was the one from the get-go. After Noon relocated to the States to be with him, Kyle worked tirelessly to get them their own place while Noon helped sort out his strained familial relationships. They eventually got hitched. But, did they live happily ever after?

Kyle and Noon are total couple goals

Thankfully, Kyle and Noon have indeed gone the distance. In 2018, he celebrated their fifth anniversary by teasing they were looking to have a baby soon (no update at the time of writing, though they do share a couple sweet cats who have their own dedicated Instagram account). The following year, Kyle let Twitter followers know he and Noon were saving up to purchase their first home together, by doing Cameos. They seem to be enjoying plenty of adventures together, judging both by Instagram and Noon's popular YouTube channel, which gives fans a glimpse into their sweet home life too. The Cinemaholic advises the couple relocated from New Orleans to Portland, Oregon because they had some issues with break-ins. 

Portland suits Noon, in particular, because of its significant Thai community and she works at a "fancy cat hotel," which hopefully is exactly what it sounds like. The 90 Day Fiancé star also enjoys several lucrative endorsement deals on social media, predominantly for beauty products. Kyle and Noon entered a contest to be named Portland's cutest couple, too, encouraging Instagram fans to vote for them. They also suffered an incredible loss, as Kyle lost his mother to cancer, as per Soap Dirt. Both of them posted sweet tribute messages to her online. Suffice to say, they're a team through and through.