Honey Boo Boo's Sisters Have Grown Up Quite A Bit

If you can't instantly recall TLC's Toddlers & Tiaras breakout star Alana "Honey Boo Boo" Thompson hyping her "go go juice," there's a chance you may not be living your best life. Back in 2012, her sassy Mountain Dew and Red Bull-fueled antics won the hearts of America, eventually landing her a starring role in hot mess reality show hit, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.


As cameras closed in on pint-super-sized and outrageous Alana at home, we met her three older sisters: Anna, Jessica, and Lauryn. Or, as their Mama June affectionately called them, "Chickadee," "Chubbs," and "Pumpkin." On the show, Mama June admitted, "We got too much estrogen in the house... need some, uh, test-rosterone." At the time, this beauty pageant-entourage seemed destined for a future in the "Redneck Olympics," but years after their sensational television debut — and uber-scandalous series cancellation in 2014 — you won't believe what these sisters are up to now.

Anna Chickadee Shannon Cardwell

When "Honey Boo Boo Child" fans first met Anna "Chickadee" in 2012, she was 17 years old, and pregnant with her first child, Kaitlyn. She was the dirty blonde, raunchy oldest sister, impetuously popping pimples on national TV. Anna had lived with her grandmother prior to returning to the Honey Boo Boo house in 2012, where Mama June promised Anna she would only need to shoot the show for one year, and then Anna would get her very own house. Anna told ET, "I was like, ok that's fine... [but] it ended up being two and a half years." Not only did she not receive a new home, she also admitted to ET that she had a strained relationship with her sisters.


Earning a show-profit allowance of $400 per month, doled out by Mama June, Anna baited her television audience with cloyingly redneck adventures. She once went to get a couples tattoo with her fiancé, baby Kaitlyn in tow, the lovebirds blowing each other juice kisses while wincing under the needle. Younger sister Jessica shared her thoughts on the matter, "I don't know what kind of tattoo Anna's getting, but it's probably gonna be stupid... misspelled or backwards or something."

Jessica Chubbs Shannon

Second oldest of the gang, Jessica (aka "Chubbs") stormed into our households in 2012 palming Cheeseballs into her mouth, and cutting the cheese playing "Doorknob" while rough-housing little Alana for the cameras.


Her father is allegedly Michael Anthony Ford, who is also Lauryn's father. Ford is currently serving time for multiple parole violations regarding charges that he sexually exploited a minor. He will not be eligible for parole until 2026, InTouch reported.

Lauryn Pumpkin Shannon

Youngest of the three, Lauryn (known to many fans simply as "Pumpkin") made her 2012 national television debut at 12 years old, and became known as "the one who got struck by lightning" when she was six. According to Mama June, "It was stormin'... lightning hit the house, the game system was plugged [in]... and ZAP! She was electrocuted." Alana "Honey Boo Boo" continued, "I love my sister, but she's been crazy ever since she got whopped by lightning."


Lauryn shares paternal DNA with older sister Jessica, as accused sex offender Michael Anthony Ford is father to both girls.

Sexual abuse survivor Anna railed against Mama June

With TLC's abrupt cancellation of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo in 2014, amidst rumors that Mama June had struck up a relationship with former ex and convicted sex offender Mark McDaniel, one of the victims wasn't going to let Mama June get away with denying the allegations. Daughter Anna survived McDaniel's abuse when she was just 8 years old. McDaniel was dating her mother at the time.


In an exclusive with ET, 20-year-old Anna pleaded with her mother to end things with McDaniel, admonishing June's schoolgirl flirtatiousness: "It's like she's happy. She's smiling and giggling when he's around. You know, he's a child molester, Mama. He did this to me. Why would you let him come around [my sisters] knowing what he did?" In 2014, Anna also spoke out on The Dr. Phil Show, detailing the abuse that occurred when she was 8 years old, saying, "It progressed... to me stripping down... in front of him, naked...and going down to his area. [That went on for] six months." Mama June admitted to Dr. Phil that she was not in a relationship with McDaniels, insisting that she only took daughters Lauryn and Alana, 14 and 9 years old at the time, to visit McDaniels when he was released from prison in order to prove that he was not Lauryn's biological father.


Lauryn cut carbs and lost 26 pounds

She may have had the luxury of working out with hot celebrity trainer Natasha Fett, but Lauryn lost the weight with tried-and-true methods: smaller portions, and plain old walking. Working it off together with Mama June and little sis Alana, the three lost almost 80 pounds between the three of them, PEOPLE reported in 2015.


Mama June credited their weight-loss success to Fett, saying she is "someone who genuinely cares about us... getting healthier and changing [our] minds." Big talk from June, whose "cooking" has inspired more than its fair share of redneck-inspired spinoff episodes... "Sketti" with ketchup — never forget.

Jessica was first in the family to graduate high school

The first in her family to finish her senior year, 18-year-old Jessica was the proud recipient of a high school diploma when she graduated from Wilkinson County High School in McIntyre, Georgia in May 2015. Dressed in a golden yellow gown and beaming ear to ear, the grad was supported by her biggest fans: sisters Anna, Lauryn, and Alana, as well as Mama June and June's then-boyfriend of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo fame, Sugar Bear.


In February of that year, Mama June posted on Alana's Facebook page that the family had upgraded their digs to Hampton, Georgia, and that Jessica would stay behind in McIntyre to finish up her senior year. Keeping up the momentum, Jessica planned to go on to study nursing at South Georgia University (via Daily Mail), and is currently making the most of that undergrad life.

Anna didn't marry her daughter's babydaddy

After saying yes to then-boyfriend Michael Cardwell, and a pizza with the words "marry me" spelled out in pepperoni, Anna and her man made it official with a televised wedding ceremony on the Here Comes Honey Boo Boo season finale in May of 2014. Then 19-year-old Anna gushed to PEOPLE, "I'm so excited to be marrying Michael. [My daughter] Kaitlyn and I are very lucky to have him, and we can't wait to grow our family. I can't wait to be his wife."


Anna's daughter Kaitlyn is from a previous relationship — reportedly with high school crush Caleb Clark, who is not involved with the family. Anna and Cardwell welcomed their first daughter together, Kylee, in 2015. The groom is a truck mechanic, and had dated Anna for one year before he proposed at Georgia's Tallapoosa New Year's Possum Drop in 2014, according to PEOPLE.

Mama June spent all but $17.89 of Anna's money

Claiming her Mama June robbed her $30,000 trust fund account, 20-year-old Anna took to the Dr. Phil stage to tell her story on the air in late 2014. Sitting across from Dr. Phil, with her maternal grandmother Sandra Hale, Anna explained that she signed as a minor on the accounts, with her mother signing as chief executor. At the time of the interview, Anna had discovered she had $17.89 remaining in a savings account under her name, as well as $15,400 left in her trust fund. Anna alleged Mama June used the money to buy a car for Mark McDaniel, who was accused of molesting Anna as a child, never sending Anna a check for the remainder of her accounts.


Lauryn came out as bisexual, and then outed Mama June as well

Sporting a pink faux-hawk, purple ombré nails, and pearl stud earrings, Lauryn announced in an exclusive with Inside Edition in April 2015, "I'm attracted to females, and I'm attracted to males. You cannot hide who you truly are." At the time she was single and hoping to reunite with an ex-girlfriend.


But the real shocker of the moment? "She is gay, too! June is gay, too!" As daughter Lauryn outed Mama June on camera for Inside Edition, June clarified she was "bisexual" and was clearly not at all fazed about the reveal. June continued, "I'm not going to lie, I play in the minors but never went pro." Setting the record straight, Lauryn jumped back in, "Yeah, you did go pro."

Anna sued Mama June for stealing her TLC cash

Anna sued her mom for $300,000 to be exact. In court documents obtained by ET in June 2015, Anna claimed her mother had kept Anna's $200,000 of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo show earnings, as well as another $100,000 that was supposed to go to Anna's daughter Kaitlyn, who also appeared on the show.


The family reportedly banked $22,500 per episode, one third of which was to be divided amongst the kids. As published by ET, the lawsuit states, "Despite continuous requests for information and documents made by Anna on behalf of herself and her daughter Kaitlyn to discover how much money is owed to Plaintiffs ... Defendants have continued to deny Anna knowledge of the facts and figures of their accounts."

Lauryn starred in a rap music video

Well, okay — Lauryn guest-starred as herself, "Pumpkin", in little sister Alana's latest music video, "Movin' Up" in 2015. With catchy lyrics like "Honey Boo Boo Bop / Do The Honey Boo Boo Bop" and "I'm just a small-town girl / Living in my princess world," Alana talk-yells her way through the amateur video, as Lauryn and Mama June do their best half-baked dance moves in the background.


Just a year after Here Comes Honey Boo Boo went off the air, Lauryn jumped in on Alana's attempt at a comeback, teaming up with viral video star Adam Barta on the beauty queen rap star's debut. In 2016, Mama June revealed on Oprah: Where Are They Now that there may even be a second hit in the works, since the first allegedly "got over four million views within a week on YouTube".

YouTube's stats on "Movin' Up" as of December 2016? Just over three million views.

Anna's daughter had an extra thumb until 2016

Further fanning the redneck flames of Honey Boo Boo's bananas family, Anna would give birth in the summer of 2012 to daughter Kaitlyn, who had three little thumbs.

While no plans were made on air to remove Kaitlyn's extra thumb back in 2012, things have definitely changed for now 4-year-old Kaitlyn, who recently had a procedure to remove the anomaly. Just after surgery in November 2016, 22-year-old Anna explained to Us Weekly, "We kept telling [Kaitlyn] that it was magic, that the doctor would do magic ... they would put her to sleep, and then that [the thumb] was going to be magically gone, and she got all excited about it. And now she thinks somehow, now that it's healing [at] home, she thinks she's gonna have Frozen powers."


Lauryn got engaged at 16

The heart wants what the heart wants, and 16-year-old Lauryn proved just that when she said yes to her 19-year-old mechanic-boyfriend Josh Efird's marriage proposal in early 2016. But the teen fiancée isn't headed to the altar just yet.


"YES I am engaged at the age 16 with Josh Efird," she wrote on a now-closed Instagram account. "If you aren't happy then please don't comment. If you don't agree with it then don't comment okay. Me & Josh are getting married once I turn 18. For those of you saying that we won't last please let us prove you wrong. I've never in my life felt the love I do for this young man for anyone. Josh has his ducks in a row. He has his own business, he has his own car, and he treats me with the respect I deserve."

Anna's an Avon Lady

According to the mother-of-two's Instagram, 22-year-old Anna officially joined the Avon workforce in late 2016. She captioned her announcement, "I have officially became a Avon lady and can't wait to start living the boss life so if u love Avon u can now order from me." As the Avon site tells it, that "boss life" involves working "when and where you want", and earning "more than $1,000 in 90 days."


Anna, whose personal Avon blog has one post, "Say hello to a new Tomarrow!," isn't new to the stay-at-home business venture. Back in 2014, Anna became a representative for Young Living Essential Oils, touted as an easily accessible line of life-changing oils, for everyone. It also claimed to prevent Ebola and possibly cure cancer. The FDA disagreed. Around the same time, Anna was lambasted by her own fans for launching a GoFundMe page, hoping to raise $20,000 for "help with money". She quickly ditched the page saying, "I'm deleting my fund me cause everyone thinks I'm money hungry."

The girls almost returned to reality TV

In October 2015, Mama June made the announcement on Facebook, that the whole crew was gonna hit the small screen once again. "Ok for everyone it was asked if we are going to be back on TV the answer is yes and it will be very soon it [won't be the] TLC network but it will be announced [...]. I will be able to get out more details soon but we are excited as it will air starting in December [...]. It will not be here comes honey boo boo kind of thing but it will be reality TV and it will be real and unscripted... that's [the] only kind of TV we believe in and we want you all to see the true side of all of us."


The reality stars extended their 15 minutes, as Mama June and then-boyfriend Sugar Bear, starred on WEtv's Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars in December 2015. As it turned out, the girls would only be involved as accessories to this crime of a reality show, as cameras caught Lauryn at the red carpet premiere with Mama June, Sugar Bear, and Alana.