What Jane Fonda's Daily Diet Is Like

Jane Fonda has become known for many things over her decades-long career in Hollywood. She is a talented actress who has been honored with two Oscars, two BAFTAs, an Emmy, and seven Golden Globes, to name a few (per IMDb). Fonda is also an impassioned activist, from her time as a young actress involved in social movements and the fight for civil rights, to her more recent environmental activism (per Time).

Another thing Fonda is known for is her role as one of the first fitness influencers out there. Fonda released a series of workout videos from 1982 to 2012 (per IMDb). During quarantine, Fonda even joined TikTok to share her fitness videos with a whole new generation. The 83-year-old is in as good a shape as ever, and she's more than willing to share her secrets with the masses. One of Fonda's big secrets? It's all about a healthy diet. 

Jane is worried about the environmental impact of her diet

For Fonda, it's not just about how the food she eats impacts her. It's also about how it impacts the environment. "I eat fresh fruits and vegetables every single day. I eat almost no meat. And I've cut way back on fish," she told Well + Good in July of 2020. "There are places in the world where fish is people's only source of protein, so in a country like ours, where we have other choices, we should reduce our eating of fish."

Fonda is also big on breakfast. She eats a third of her day's calories in her breakfast (per Lifestyle Geeky). Nutritionists agree that high-protein breakfasts like the ones she favors are a key to living healthily and fighting the aging process (per Prevention).

Most importantly, Fonda prioritizes a healthy lifestyle over any one diet. "Most diets focus on weight loss on the scale, and they enforce temporary (and often unhealthy) restrictive behavior. Unfortunately, this scenario sets us up to fail," she explained in a BeFiT video (via YouTube).