This DIY TikTok Trend Will Give New Life To Your Old Ugg Boots

If your closet is storing a pair (or more) of Ugg boots that you can't bring yourself to throw away because of their price tag (and their attached nostalgia), TikTok has the hack for you.

The fur-lined boots rose to popularity in the early 2000s, and if you were a teen at the time, they were pretty much inescapable (via Today). Often paired with yoga pants (as they were known before they became leggings), jeans, and denim mini-skirts, they were the perfect stylish winter companion. Now, 20 years later, everyone who saved their allowance to buy them now has a bunch of stained, tattered boots that they don't know what to do with ... until now. TikTokers have begun cutting — yes, cutting — their Uggs with regular old scissors, and to everyone's surprise, the results aren't terrible. They actually mimic a few of the brand's new styles that are become trendy again (via Today).

Thirty seconds of snipping transforms a pair of old Ugg boots into chic slippers

All you have to do is scroll the hashtag #Uggs onTikTok to find multiple videos of people basically cutting off the boot portion of their well-worn Uggs. The traditional boot style has visible seams down the sides and along the front and back that act as the perfect cutting guide. One TikTok user began transforming her pair by first cutting down the side seams, and then around the front and back. "I'd probably only wear them in the comfort of my own house," she said. "But still ... recycle, baby."

Others have put a different twist on the hack. Instead of fully removing the top of the boot, they're cutting straight across it and down the back seam to create a short flap that can be folded over, as demonstrated by another TikToker. The final look resembles the newly popular Ugg classic mini boot, strutted out and about this year by Emily Ratajkowski, Kendall Jenner, and Joan Smalls (via Vogue).