This Is What The Different Astrological Houses Mean

Even if you've been reading your horoscope for years, you may struggle to understand the meanings of the different houses in the astrological chart. While you could be a cancer sun, the house that the planet stood in at the time of your birth holds a lot of weight when it comes to how the aspects impact your life (via The Modern Astrologer). According to Elite Daily, the astrological houses incorporate various areas of your life, meaning that they hold important information for when you're reading your chart.

The outlet explains that the first house involves your appearance and outward impression on others. Since this house is aligned with Aries, the first sign in the zodiac, it revolves around the ego and the way you start projects in your life. Your values make up the second house as it aligns with Taurus; thus the second house involves your earthly possessions and material items. Whatever planets are in this house in your chart often point to your relationship with money and your self-worth, Elite Daily notes.

Moving into the third house, this area of your chart incorporates the way you communicate and the people in your community such as your friends, neighbors and siblings. It also involves the ways in which you share your thoughts through speaking, writing or other creative ventures because it corresponds with Gemini. The fourth house is ruled by cancer, the mother of the zodiac. Thus, this space is all about your emotions, your sense of home and your ancestors, the outlet explains.

The houses of the zodiac correspond with certain signs

It's important to remember that the 12 houses correspond with the 12 signs — making them easy to remember once you know the order of the zodiac. As for the fifth house, we've moved into Leo which rules creativity and childlike expression, Allure reports. Planets in this house show how we can reveal our artistic side and feel good in our own skin.

Virgo characterizes the sixth house which is all about our physical vitality and health. A sign known for organization, Virgo also rules schedules and daily routines; planets in this house revolve around our sense of wellness, the outlet explains. Libra follows Virgo in the zodiac, meaning that it represents the seventh house and a shift away from individual aspects. The seventh house symbolizes the way we relate to others and our sense of partnership.

The notorious eighth house corresponds with Scorpio energy which is all about taboos — death, sex, and everything in between. Plants in their area of your chart show how you interact with these topics and what they mean to you, Allure notes. However, it also denotes how you transform throughout your life, according to Elite Daily, and your relationship with other people's money, i.e. receiving an inheritance or a legal victory cash flow.

The higher houses deal with more abstract areas of your life

Think of the ninth house as the house of culture and expansion. The adventurer of the zodiac, Sagittarius rules this space and impacts your sense of higher learning, Elite Daily reports. Travel, your beliefs and your sense of optimism all reside within this area of the astrological chart.

Capricorn and the 10th house have to do with your success in the material world — so, your career, your public image and goals. Allure explains that this house signifies the height of your success and ambitions, depending on which planets are stationed there in your chart. Outwardly, the 10th house revolves around your public persona and the fame you will incur in this lifetime. 

A catchall house, the 11th spot works with Aquarius energy to highlight our sense of connection to the rest of humanity, Allure notes. This means that your community and aspirations for the world center in this area of your chart. Finally, Pisces rounds out the houses with the 12th house, involving your spirituality and secrets. Neptune, the planet of other worldliness and the subconscious, rules this space around all things "unseen."

When you're looking to analyze your chart on a deeper level, you will have to understand houses before you find what you're looking for. Giving you a blueprint you can use throughout your life, your chart may be more powerful than you realize.