What Happened To Robin McKinley From My 600-Lb Life?

My 600-lb Life's Robin McKinley is one of the show's most memorable cast members, revealing the inner-workings of her life at 648 pounds. Together with her nephew Garrett McKinley, weighing 607 pounds himself, Robin showcased the difficulties of obesity in her day-to-day (via inTouch Weekly). The show depicted McKinley struggling to do basic things like shower or get dressed in the morning, assisted by her husband James. Viewers also saw the reality personality going to the grocery store as a near-impossible task. Showcasing the emotional component to her food addiction, Robin stayed in our hearts even after her storyline ended – and now we're left wondering, where is she today?

After Robin's episode aired on TLC, fans everywhere were inspired by her heart-wrenching story. Robin lost her sister due to obesity-related complications, which gave her the urgency to take back her life and lose weight (via The Cinemaholic). Robin and her nephew Garrett set this goal together, both weighing in at a combined 1,200 pounds, and consulted with Dr. Now every step of the way. 

As Robin said in her episode, "Eating is one of the only times that I am truly happy because I can forget about all the pain and misery of my life just for a moment," demonstrating her emotional attachment to food.

The brother-sister duo worked with Dr. Now to undergo bariatric surgery, and by the end of the episode, she weighed 394 pounds and Garrett 337 pounds. So did they keep it off?

Robin McKinley's life now is inspirational

After shedding 42% of their body fat, Robin McKinley and Garrett McKinley seemed to be destined to continue on a positive path. According to TV Shows Ace, Garrett went on to start training as a welder, and Robin and husband James went out on their first date in years. Teasing a future appearance on My 600-lb Life: Where Are They Now?, it seems like Robin has kept the weight off and continued striding towards her goals.

While Robin doesn't often post photos to her Facebook page, her most recent selfies show a much slimmer appearance. As one commenter from Brazil wrote, "You are absolutely amazing, so different, your eyes are full of life now. Just go on, dear, don't give up!!!" Combined with pictures of her cute dog and cat, Robin proves that it's possible to change old habits with her truly-impressive photos.

Robin was a school teacher for many years, quitting after becoming wheelchair-bound from her weight (via Starcasm). We hope the My 600-lb Life star will continue to work towards living her best life!