How To Organize Your Fridge To Help You Stay Healthy

Admit it: the inside of your fridge is probably a mess right now. As a hidden-away part of the home, it makes sense why we let it get out of control. That, and the fact that it's naturally prone to weird smells, mysterious liquids, and a half-rotted avocado that you definitely forgot about. Having a clean, organized refrigerator is not only an important part of a tidy environment, it can also play a huge role in maintaining healthy eating habits

Using a few simple tips, you can organize your fridge and go from chaotic to crisp and clean, while also making it easy for you to choose nutritious foods. A great first step? A good scrub-down. Start by removing all the contents of your refrigerator, taking the opportunity to throw away anything that is expired or looks questionable. You can also take out any removable shelves. Apartment Therapy recommends mixing water and vinegar to create a cleaning solution, then spraying down both the inside of the fridge as well as any parts you removed. It's also a good idea to wipe down any food containers that have leaked or gotten sticky. Let everything dry a bit, and then you can return all your items to the fridge — but don't just haphazardly throw things on shelves. A little organization can go a long way when it comes to making heathier choices.

Organize your fridge to easily access healthy foods

The home organization experts at The Home Edit say that the key to actually consuming the healthy foods you buy is making them visible and accessible in your fridge. They recommend storing your items by category (vegetables, condiments, dairy, etc.) and unloading your groceries according to these designated "zones." "This will ensure that all incoming items have a home, which is crucial for maintaining an organized system," The Home Edit's blog suggests.

To organize your fridge, invest in clear containers and labels. The beauty of this organization method is that it helps your kids, partner, or roommates to also adhere to the system, in addition to holding you accountable. Healthy, easily accessible foods and a smoothly functioning household? Yes, please.

In terms of deciding where things go, The Food Network suggests placing ready-to-eat items (like cut-up fruits and veggies) at eye level to make healthy snacking a snap. It's also about time we erase any guilt that exists around prepared foods. Sure, fresh meals are ideal, but we don't always have time to make them. Instead, stock up on things that can create a quick, healthy meal like rotisserie chicken, pre-made soups, or mixed greens. "This way you won't reach for foods that you don't actually want, and you can put meals together in minutes," say nutritionists Tamara Green and Sarah Grossman via The Food Network.