Here's Why A Mole In This Spot Is Considered Lucky

People consider moles as a birthmark, and some have quite a lot of them on their bodies, while others have less. Some even think that the small pigmented spots on the face are beauty marks. Think of Cindy Crawford and Marilyn Monroe — their iconic beauty marks changed the way people (and even Hollywood) look at them.

While other celebrities like Blake Lively, Kate Upton, and even the legendary Elizabeth Taylor considered their face marks as something that enhanced their beauty, some actresses, like Sarah Jessica Parker, didn't care for their moles.  In an interview with David Letterman, Parker explained why her mole suddenly disappeared after the first Sex and the City movie, sharing, "I didn't have strong feelings. I didn't object to it. I just didn't care for it. And I had about six free days when I could be bloody and stabbed, and no one will care, and honestly, I didn't think a thing about it, and then apparently it turned into mole-gate." Parker revealed that her brother-in-law, a plastic surgeon, removed the beauty mark for her (via Huffpost).

In the past, people teased Crawford about her mole, and she even considered having it removed. Thanks to her mom, she changed her mind, and the beauty mark ultimately helped her modeling career (via Vogue). 

When it comes right down to it, people have strong feelings about beauty marks. Some people believe that the placement of moles has meanings. Moles are also considered lucky in some cultures, and that their location on the body defines a person's future.

Chinese astrologers believe moles on particular body parts are lucky

Chinese astrologers and practitioners in ancient medicine believe the placement of moles can tell a lot about a person's personality and overall health. Simon Wong, an expert in Chinese astrology explained to the Daily Mail, that the art of reading moles on the body, "helps build patients' mental and physical profiles to aid diagnosis and treatment." The belief centers around the idea that our experiences alter our physical and emotional state, and the placement of beauty marks on the body are signs of how our energy flows and responds to these changes. Wong explains, "Chi (energy) is more active in certain parts of the face and body at different times in a person's life. Its flow can be emphasized or obstructed by the position of a healthy mole." 

For example, lucky is the person who has a beauty mark under the eyebrows. According to Wong, this is an indication of monetary wealth and success. If the mole is disguised within the brow hair, the potential for riches increases as Wong describes, "like hidden treasure." Whereas a mole in the ear is a sign of good health and a long life. Now that's, lucky! 

Moles can also be a sign of bad luck

Simon Wong goes on to explain that Chinese astrologers also believe that moles on other parts of the body can indicate bad luck. Certain spots on the nose, for example, a beauty mark on the end of the nose can signify relationship problems, while a mole on the bridge of the nose could be a bad omen (via DailyMail).

As for the chin, people with moles in this area are considered stubborn, and this trait can signify success or failure depending on how the person channels their energy. Wong highlights Mariah Carey, as the perfect example. She has a mole on her chin, and is very wealthy and successful. Meaning, she channeled that drive and stubbornness into healthy professional endeavors. Moles on the neck, which are very common, are also unfortunately a sign that the body's energy is obstructed, and can signify struggle or disappointment. While that sounds bad, everyone experiences both struggle and disappointment in life, so maybe that's why moles on the neck are so common.

People in India also have their interpretation of the moles around the body

In India, much like in Chinese astrology, mole placement can reveal a lot about a person's future fortunes or misfortunes. Women with beauty marks on their forehead will have the good fortune to travel the world, and moles specifically located in between the eyebrows can signify wealth and fortune (via The Times of India).

Individuals who have moles on the outer corners of their eyes are social and usually have many friends, and similar to in Chinese astrology, moles on the ears are especially lucky. While the Chinese believe moles on the nose can be unlucky, people in India think otherwise. Women with moles on or near their nose will never struggle financially and will always have access to wealth and creature comforts. 

In the end, different cultures have different beliefs regarding beauty marks. As long as the moles are healthy and not an indication of an underlying medical condition, they really are beautiful in all their different placements. They're just part of what makes us all unique. Regardless of how lucky or unlucky their placement is, even Simon Wong agrees, your beauty marks can be a guide, but you create your ultimate destiny!