Things You Missed About David & Patrick's Relationship In Schitt's Creek

One of the best parts of the smash hit comedy series Schitt's Creek has to be the relationship between David and Patrick. David, played by show creator Dan Levy, begins the series as a snobby, hard-to-please man who can't wait to escape the tiny town of Schitt's Creek. Patrick, on the other hand, is a buttoned-up businessman who has never been in a homosexual relationship.

Over the course of their adorable relationship, the pair both blossom into more understanding, kind individuals, ending with their wedding in the show's tear-jerker finale. With plenty of both touching and hilarious moments, it's no wonder fans absolutely adored David and Patrick.

Fans of this TV couple will probably remember all of their best moments, like when Patrick serenaded David with his rendition of "The Best" or when David wept at Patrick's picture-perfect mountaintop proposal. But there may be a few things about the relationship that you didn't notice. Here are the things you missed about David and Patrick's relationship in Schitt's Creek.

Patrick seemed to fall for David in their very first meeting

After everything Patrick and David went through in Schitt's Creek, it's pretty weird going back to rewatch their first meeting. In fact, for most viewers, the first meeting between David and Patrick probably seemed pretty innocuous.

When the pair first meet, Patrick is working for Ray, and David comes to the office to file his paperwork for his new general store business. In their brief meeting, Patrick gets a full taste of David's eccentric personality when David hasn't made any clear decisions about his business. Patrick uses multiple sports references, and David doesn't understand any of them. The whole conversation shows just how different the two are. For first-time viewers, the meeting probably felt pretty awkward.

However, looking back on the meeting, it's adorable to watch Patrick become more and more intrigued by David. As BuzzFeed noted, "Patrick was 100% smitten with David literally the FIRST time he met him." After rewatching Patrick's subtle but adorable smiles as he gets to know David, we'd say this is definitely accurate.

No one in Schitt's Creek was ever the slightest bit homophobic

Throughout David and Patrick's relationship, they have plenty of issues to work though. However, there is one thing that never became a problem. As show creator and star Dan Levy explained to Vulture, he was keen to write a gay relationship in a universe where homophobia was never a concern. "I have no patience for homophobia," he said. "As a result, it's been amazing to take that into the show. We show love and tolerance," he went on.

It's pretty remarkable to see a homosexual relationship portrayed without homophobia ever becoming an issue. In fact, it allows Schitt's Creek viewers to enjoy watching Patrick and David fall in love just like any other couple. And according to Levy, this was exactly the intention. As he told Entertainment Weekly, "I think the way that we've handled sexuality on the show has been incredibly nonchalant ... We want them to be presented with the same kind of casual ease that we present straight story lines."

Everyone else seemed to catch onto their chemistry before David did

We've already noted that Patrick seemed to fall for David the very first moment they met. While there was definitely some strong chemistry between the pair, David remained pretty clueless for quite a long time. In fact, everyone else seemed to notice the romantic tension before he did. First, Stevie notices the attraction when Patrick invites David out for a birthday dinner. While David thinks he was just being nice, Stevie realizes that Patrick had meant it to be a date. As TV Guide noted, "David certainly didn't suspect that Patrick had any non-professional interest in him." Of course, Stevie was right.

It's pretty sweet to think that David, who is by far more experienced with relationships, couldn't recognize the fact that Patrick was interested in him. In fact, when rewatching their early courtship, you start to realize that, while David had been involved with other people before, he certainly wasn't experienced with this kind of deeper emotional connection. As he later tells Patrick after their first kiss (via Bustle), "In a way, it's like we're both starting something new."

Mariah Carey played a key role in this Schitt's Creek relationship

Most Schitt's Creek fans probably picked up on a few of the Mariah Carey references in David and Patrick's relationship. But what you may not have realized is that Carey is actually a huge part of their relationship as it develops. The first major Mariah Carey reference comes in the Season 4 finale when Patrick decides to tell David he loves him for the first time. David initially panics because, as he tells Patrick, he's said it to his "parents twice and one time at a Mariah Carey concert." Patrick, with faux-sincerity, replies, "You're my Mariah Carey," to which David responds, "Okay, that compliment could bring me to tears." David loves Mariah Carey if you hadn't noticed.

Later during the pair's wedding in the series finale, Mariah Carey comes up again in a charming little Easter Egg. Patrick sings Mariah Carey's "Always Be My Baby" during his wedding vows — because David is his Mariah. So cute!

It turns out that Dan Levy is a real-life Mariah Carey super fan. When she tweeted about the show, Levy retweeted her post, adding, "OH. MY. F**KING. GOD."

Patrick's coming out was him at his most vulnerable

Throughout a lot of David and Patrick's relationship, Patrick was presented as the more confident, more business-like person. He often took charge of things. He was the first one to ask David out on a date, he was the first to say, "I love you," and it was his idea to get married. However, there was one episode when David became the stronger one. In the episode when Patrick decides to come out to his parents, after lying to David about having told them, David is there to support him — it's quite a role-reversal.

As Dan Levy explained to Entertainment Weekly, this new dynamic was purposeful. "You never want a character to seem too perfect. We thought it would be a real eye-opener for David if he were to find out something like this — and certainly shed some light on Patrick as well."

Actor Noah Reid, who played Patrick, added, "It was really interesting to see another side of him, where he's not quite sure how to handle this situation." We have to say — seeing Patrick's vulnerable side definitely makes us love this couple even more.

Schitt's Creek never focused on sex in David and Patrick's relationship

David and Patrick's relationship always feels incredibly honest and truthful, but there is one aspect of their romance that the show never really mentions: the sexual side of their relationship. And it was definitely avoided on purpose. In hindsight, it's pretty sweet that the show doesn't get into the sexual side of things. Even though Patrick is new to homosexual relationships and David is new to relationships that involve real, deep emotions, the show never strays into the question of whether their sexual life is awkward or uncomfortable.

As CBR highlighted, the lack of sex in the show is pretty "noteworthy." Rather than going for easy jokes about the physical side of things, we are instead treated to "moments of intimacy that go far beyond the physical act of sex," as CBR put it. After all, by focusing on the other moments in their private relationship, like the infamous bed-wetting scene, we get to see just how real and complex this couple really is.

David never blames Patrick for his past — and vice versa

Schitt's Creek's David and Patrick certainly set a good example for what a healthy relationship should look like. One of their most admirable qualities as a couple is the fact that they never blame the other person for mistakes made in their pasts — and both of them have made a few mistakes.

Patrick's past involves an on-again, off-again fiancée named Rachel. There's also the fact that he has never had a homosexual relationship. Nevertheless, David doesn't hold anything against him. As CBR wrote, "David never mocks or shames Patrick for being inexperienced or for coming out later in life." And when it comes to Rachel, he only gets angry that Patrick didn't tell him.

At the same time, Patrick is equally forgiving and understanding. In one scene, Patrick finds out that David was once in a "throuple" with Stevie and Jake. Instead of becoming uncomfortable, Patrick accepts that David's past relationships are in the past.

Noah Reid never played into gay stereotypes as Schitt's Creek's Patrick

One refreshing aspect of the David and Patrick relationship in Schitt's Creek is the fact that Patrick may be different than what some viewers might imagine a gay character to be like. As actor Noah Reid explained to the Independent, he was careful to avoid playing into stereotypes with his portrayal. He explained that, in some cases, he agreed that queer roles should be reserved for queer actors. "I also feel like Patrick is just a guy who's attracted to another guy," he said of his own performance. "I never felt the need to play Patrick a certain way based on his sexuality — I sort of approached him as if he were me and he was attracted to somebody."

The truthful performance definitely made a difference. Fans fell in love with Reid's honest portrayal of Patrick on a human level. As Advocate noted, the show was celebrated for the fact that it "avoided tragic stereotypes."

David and Patrick kiss — a lot

For fans of David and Patrick's relationship on Schitt's Creek, the lack of intimate scenes may be a little disappointing — but one thing viewers do get is a whole lot of kissing. The couple often kiss when they greet each other or say goodbye. While it may seem a little excessive to some viewers, Dan Levy thought it made an important statement.

As Levy told GQ, "I wanted them to kiss every time they saw each other. As couples do." For Levy, it was an opportunity to take another step towards normalizing queer TV relationships.

Luckily, this was taken pretty well by fans of the show. "I was expecting a lot more pushback to the physicality," Levy confessed. In the end, he shared, he only received a handful of bigoted messages. "Maybe we've come to a place where we've moved past that," he said. We certainly hope so. One thing's for sure — fans of David and Patrick couldn't get enough of the couple's adorable kisses!

David is always giving Patrick the most perfect gifts

While watching Schitt's Creek, you probably picked up on a few of the gifts exchanged between David and Patrick — after all, there were a lot of them. Looking back, we realized just how perfect all Patrick's many gifts really are. In fact, they prove just how perfect the pair really are together.

The first gift was, of course, Patrick's thoughtful birthday gift for David on their first date — the very first receipt from their store. Patrick tried to pretend the gift was nothing, but David said, "Um, this is not nothing."

Patrick's gift giving continued for their four-month anniversary with a giant heart-shaped cookie. When David finds out about Patrick's secret ex-fiancée, Patrick showers David with gifts, including a bracelet and chocolate, to help win him back. In fact, David loves his gifts so much, he delays getting back together with Patrick so he can keep receiving them.

When Patrick proposes to David, he presents him with a set of four gold rings rather than the traditional engagement ring. They're perfect for his style, and, yet again, Patrick proves just how well he knows David through his gift-giving.

David is always referencing rom-coms — and Patrick gave him the chance to be in one himself

David's love of classic rom-coms is pretty clear to see. In the Schitt's Creek episode "The Hike," David moans, "I was picturing us, like, on a charming park bench in the middle of a private English garden," to which Patrick retorts, "David, you have to stop watching Notting Hill. It's not helpful for our relationship." 

In an extra video released online, David and Patrick riff about David's undying love for the rom-com. "I learn a lot from rom-coms, you know," David says. He then performs a series of scenes to a smirking Patrick. Patrick then says, "Let me try one," and proceeded to do a perfect English accent. David responds, "Okay, I know you're making fun of me but that 100 percent worked." It's so cute to see Patrick gently tease David for his love of the rom-com — and even deliver a performance as the perfect British lead!

Rom-coms are such an important undercurrent in this relationship that actors Dan Levy and Noah Reid even did a rom-com photo shoot for Entertainment Weekly, recreating scenes from Notting Hill, Sixteen Candles, and Casablanca. As Levy explained, like David, he's a big rom-com fan.

This Schitt's Creek couple showed us that relationships are sometimes about sacrifices

Even though David and Patrick are undoubtedly perfect for each other, their relationship did have a few bumps along the way. Thinking back on the relationship, it becomes clear that it wasn't their similar interests but their ability to compromise and sacrifice that made the relationship work.

In the episode "Crows Premiere," Patrick gets his wisdom teeth removed. While high on painkillers, he starts rambling about babies. For David, this is a little worrying — he's not sure he wants children. Later, Patrick explains that he's willing to give up his dream of having children if it means he can be with David (via Vulture).

Later that season, David's family decides to finally move out of Schitt's Creek. David assumes that he and Patrick will go with Alexis to New York. However, he soon realizes that Patrick isn't keen on leaving the town. As Advocate wrote, Patrick was willing to give up small town life for David — but David decided to sacrifice his New York dream, saying, "It's not where you want to be, and I don't want to be anywhere you don't want to be."

Patrick references his super romantic proposal in his vows

Schitt's Creek's series finale saw David and Patrick finally tying the knot in a lovely, intimate ceremony in the town hall. For many fans, the final episode was pretty emotional, so you may have missed one little reference in Patrick's wedding vows. In his touching speech, Patrick says, "I think you already know that I would climb a thousand mountains for you." While this may just sound like your average romantic hyperbole, it's actually a reference to the Season 5 finale when Patrick took David on a hike up a mountain to propose (via ScreenRant).

On that hike, Patrick ended up stepping on a twig and cutting his foot, but, nevertheless, David insisted on helping Patrick get to the top of the mountain. It's so sweet to think that Patrick's vows were his way of saying that he would always do the same for David.

The Jazzagals sing a very special song at their wedding

You may have been too emotional during David and Patrick's wedding to notice the song during David's walk down the aisle, but the Jazzagals were actually singing a choral version of Tina Turner's "The Best." You probably remember that as the song that Patrick sang at the open mic and the song that David lip-synced along to for Patrick. It's pretty clear that this is their song.

As Dan Levy explained to Entertainment Weekly, he came up with the idea of using "The Best" as their song because he wanted to show the moment that David fell in love with Patrick. "In any relationship," he said, "we can pinpoint a moment or two where things change — where you go from liking a person to loving a person." The song "The Best" seemed like the perfect soundtrack. As he explained, "I was always that person when it came on, like at a busy bar, who'd be like, 'Stop, listen to the lyrics. They're so beautiful!'" 

Now that we know that David was literally falling in love with Patrick as he sang to him, we have to admit — they could not have picked a better song for their wedding.