What Happened To Susan Farmer From My 600-LB Life?

TLC's hit reality series My 600-LB Life follows people as they undergo significant lifestyle changes in an attempt to lose weight and regain their lives. Throughout their time on the show, some participants agree to a strict new diet plan and intense exercise routines. And, if successful, the show's resident surgeon, Dr. Now, may give them the green-light to undergo weight-loss surgery. Viewers have witnessed many success stories over the years, however, Susan Farmer's My 600-LB Life journey most definitely stands out among the crowd. But what happened to Susan? 

According to Life & Style, Farmer went through one of the most dramatic journeys in the show's history. Upon her first appearance, she weighed in at 607 pounds and suffered from lymphedema, a condition that causes swelling in the body's tissues (via NHS). In addition to making significant lifestyle changes, such as a healthier diet and frequent exercise, Farmer underwent gastric bypass surgery to further assist her weight-loss, as well as additional surgery to remove her lymphoma.

Susan Farmer seems to be thriving

According to In Touch, Susan also underwent skin removal surgery whilst appearing on the show, and was diagnosed with a condition known as neuropathy, a nerve condition that can be especially painful and debilitating(via Life & Style).

As the Daily Mail reports, Farmer shed almost 400 pounds of weight and had 46 pounds of excess skin and fatty tissue removed during her stint on the TLC reality hit, which enabled Susan to reach her goal of being able to try on a pair of jeans for the first time since her high school years. In her Where Are They Now episode, Farmer enthusiastically stated, "It sounds kind of silly, but the first thing I am going to do once the skin is removed is that I am going to get a pair of jeans because I haven't worn a pair of jeans since high school (via Life & Style)."

As of 2020, Susan resides in Eddy, Texas, where she works as a caseworker at EMSI. Some of the more recent posts shared on Farmer's social media suggest she is still continuing with her weight-loss journey, and clearly display just how far she has come since appearing on My 600-LB Life (via Facebook).