Does The BetterHelp App Really Improve Your Mental Health?

Since the coronavirus pandemic disrupted our daily lives, telehealth and online therapy have become our go-to replacements for in-person sessions. These virtual alternatives are not only more convenient but also less pricey, InnerBody reports. But, do they work just as well compared to in-person therapy?

One popular form of telehealth is the BetterHelp app, the largest online therapy platform that offers therapy anytime and anywhere you're located, per InnerBody. The outlet also reported that this therapy platform has over 7,000 therapists, 900,000 clients, and has completed almost 70 million sessions.

Since the platform is only virtual, clients can choose how they want to interact with their therapists. Calm Sage reported that BetterHelp offers text messages, phone calls, and virtual meetings as therapy options, which any consumer can pick based on their preference. Another plus to BetterHelp is that their therapists are experienced in handling a range of topics including stress, anxiety, eating issues, anger management, and more, according to Calm Sage.

The pros and cons of the BetterHelp App

In addition to the convenience of BetterHelp, the virtual therapy platform is also cheaper than other virtual therapy models and in-person therapy, according to InnerBody. The outlet reported that most sessions cost $40 to $70 a week, which is more affordable compared to other therapy platforms. Another plus is that you can easily switch your therapists if you desire because of the multiple therapists available, per InnerBody.

However, there are a few cons to BetterHelp that might make this app not the best for your mental health. According to the outlet, this virtual therapy platform cannot make an official diagnosis or prescribe medication, which can potentially be harmful to some users. Additionally, Calm Sage reported that some users reported that the help from certain therapists can feel generic.

Lastly, most insurances do not cover BetterHelp sessions, per Calm Sage. This can make obtaining help for your mental health harder, especially if you cannot afford $40 to $70 a week.

While BetterHelp is the largest online therapy platform, it sure has its pros and cons. But, that doesn't mean it's not helpful. Its convenience, affordability, and availability of therapists make it better than most therapy alternatives. So, if you need any help for anxiety, stress, or any other mental health problem, BetterHelp is always an option.