What Miranda Lambert Typically Eats In A Day

Singer-songwriter Miranda Lambert is well-known for her musical accolades, which include 21 Grammy Award nominations and three wins, including the Grammy for best country album for 2020's Wildcard (via the Recording Academy). She's also the most-nominated female musician at the CMA Awards in history, according to Taste of Country — quite the accomplishment!

Lambert has been making albums since her 2005 debut Kerosene, as noted by The Boot, and since then, she's only become a fiercer talent with each passing year. As for her personal life, Lambert went through a very public divorce with Blake Shelton in 2015, but has emerged from the ashes as a new woman with new love in her life (via Health). And frankly, we love to see it.

Lambert has always looked amazing with her country girl good looks, which has made us wonder what it is about her diet that keeps her so healthy and strong. So without further ado, this is what Miranda Lambert typically eats in a day, and some of it may surprise you!

Miranda Lambert values eating homegrown food

Miranda Lambert may be a country music icon with tons of awards, but that doesn't means she's always had a fat bank account. And while things started out fairly well for Lambert, a recession when she was just 6 years old rendered the Lambert family temporarily homeless. "Our whole world turned upside down," she recalled in an interview with Good Housekeeping.

Fortunately, the Lamberts were able to turn it all around four years later, when they settled in a rented house and started a "subsistence farm" that nourished them. "We didn't go to the store for anything but milk," she continued. "My mom made bread and canned everything from the garden. We had chickens, pigs, and rabbits. My dad hunted. We literally lived off the land."

The lessons that Lambert learned from those times in her life have stuck with her, as she's still pretty good at making things from scratch. Take, for example, Lambert's canning abilities, which she put on full display on her Instagram page in 2017, long before Cottage Core was even a thing!

Miranda Lambert has been on every diet

While some people swear by having a rigid diet and exercise regimen, that sort of life isn't for Miranda Lambert. Instead, she prefers to rely more on her instinct than a strict set of rules, and we're totally here for that approach. "I don't have any rhyme or reason to my fitness routine or dieting," she explained in an interview with Health. "I've been on every diet." Girl, same. Haven't we all?

One of those many diets includes the keto diet, which did work for Lambert... for a while. "Every time I did low-carb, I would gain [the weight] back so quickly," she continued. "Sometimes I have a couple weeks where I just drink beer and eat cheeseburgers. And then I'll go, 'That was fun, but my stuff doesn't fit.'" And that's when Lambert goes hard on the exercise for a while, running and doing Pilates, to dial back the splurging a bit. But nothing gets in the way of Lambert's self-confidence, which she nurtures no matter what the scale might say.

This is Miranda Lambert's healthy go-to meal

Whenever a celebrity loses a significant amount of weight — think Rebel Wilson, Adele, or Jonah Hill, for example — fans inevitably want to know how they did it. Did they go vegan, like Beyoncé does when she's prepping for a world tour? Or perhaps they got weight-loss surgery? Maybe they just decided to jettison carbs for as long as they could stand it.

While Miranda Lambert hasn't undergone such a weight-loss journey (though she has had a stunning transformation), at some points she's worked to drop a little bit of weight when she feels inspired to do so. As for how she's done it before, there was no magic bullet or extreme measure that she took. Rather, she just leaned heavily on a super healthy default meal. "I just literally would make grilled chicken breast, sweet potato salad," she revealed to Women's Health. "There was no miracle." Lambert also does her best to keep things simple and will always select fruit as a side instead of other unhealthier options. 

Miranda Lambert always eats her vegetables

According to Women's Health, liking vegetables wasn't something that Miranda Lambert did naturally. To that end, she was always inclined to jazz up her greens with a little help from the dairy department. "I like broccoli with cheese, and carrots with ranch dressing," she shared. "It's just how I eat." Well, those are delicious combinations, after all!

However, as we all know, adding cheese and creamy dressings to a dish can also up the calorie count, something that's not ideal if you're trying to mind your intake. So when Lambert is looking to eat vegetables without adding the fun stuff, she makes sure to drink a glass of green juice at least once per day. "So if I don't eat anything else green that day, I feel like I've got my green in," she continued.

Lambert has also been known to hop in the kitchen and fix a big pot of vegetable soup, as she's shown on her Instagram page. All of these are great ways to keep the veggies abundant in your diet!

Miranda Lambert reinvented her snack routine

Miranda Lambert is just like the rest of us when it comes to temptation. For example, she shared on Instagram in 2015 that she was totally excited about chowing down on a Froot Loop snack bar (like a Rice Krispies treat, but with the fruity, O-shaped cereal instead) she discovered backstage. "Why didn't anyone tell me you could use other [cereals]!? This changes everything," Lambert wrote in the caption. Noting the bowl of fruit nearby, she added, "The poor fruit in the background doesn't stand a chance." And on another occasion, Lambert celebrated when a tub of Dubble Bubble gum and other candies were waiting for her on her tour bus. 

But there came a day when Lambert's approach toward snacking became decidedly healthier, thanks to her life on the road. "I live on a bus. You're just sitting there all day, and you start getting snack-y," she explained in an interview with Good Housekeeping. "I don't keep chips, because I'll eat them all." Rather than do that, Lambert will reach for carrots and a low-fat dip or a serving of nuts and a piece of turkey. She might also opt for "almonds and bananas," as noted by Self.

Does Miranda Lambert still love Cheetos?

Miranda Lambert has a well-documented love affair with Cheetos, and we think that's amazing. For example, she told Cosmopolitan that her go-to celebratory snack is "Titos and Cheetos." And in 2014, Lambert told Glamour that she's a "Cheetos girl." She also proclaimed to Us Weekly"There's still nothing I love more than a bag of Cheetos."

However, when Lambert reinvented her snack regimen, she shared that abstaining from the cheesy snack has helped with her weight loss. "I didn't give up really a lot, just Cheetos, mostly," she revealed after winning one of her many CMAs in 2013.

But did Lambert give up Cheetos for good? We suspect that she hasn't — why? Well, in a 2015 post on her Instagram page, Lambert shared a gift basket that her mother had given her, which included a bag of Cheetos — perhaps to help her process her divorce from Blake Shelton? Then in 2018, Lambert posted a cute snap of her dog getting into a bag of the crunchy snacks. And it's not like dogs do the grocery shopping, so we have our suspicions.

Meatloaf is one of Miranda Lambert's favorite meals

In addition to living on a subsistence farm from the time that she was 10 years old, which influenced her culinary habits, Miranda Lambert also learned from her mother's example. "We have cooked together as far back as she could bring a stool to the kitchen counter," she revealed in a chat with Southern Living. Lambert's mother also made sure that the family ate together as a unit every night.

As for the best thing that Lambert's mother made for the family? It's as American as you might expect. "My favorite dish that my mom makes is her famous meatloaf," she continued. "It's been the choice 'birthday dish' for me and my brother since we were little." Luckily for fans, Lambert has even shared her mom's meatloaf recipe.

Lambert told Taste of Home that her father's chicken-fried venison evokes a similar nostalgia. In fact, Lambert served venison she hunted herself to wedding guests when she married Blake Shelton. 

Miranda Lambert always makes time for frozen treats

Miranda Lambert is also a fan of frozen treats. "I grew up on a dirt road in east Texas," she recalled in an Instagram post. "The closest thing we had to an ice cream truck was mom's homemade [Kool-Aid] freezer pops. Sometimes after school we got a Dairy Queen blizzard." Raise your hand if this brings back memories for you, too!

Fast-forward to adulthood, and Lambert is still very much a fan of frozen treats. In fact, it's something that brings her a great deal of joy and carefree feelings. "Yesterday while hanging out with my NY fam, a truck stopped by for all the kids," she continued. "I picked a rainbow snow cone." Lambert added that she doesn't enjoy "adulting," so whenever she's able to chase an ice cream truck and get a tasty frozen treat, she's 100 percent happy about it.

Carefree nostalgia aside, there's one very adult thing about Lambert's diet. "Don't talk to me before I have coffee. Period," she told Us Weekly. Duly noted!

Sometimes Miranda Lambert enjoys a little wine and cheese

If there's a good way to sum up Miranda Lambert's diet, it's that she takes everything in moderation, including moderation. To that end, if you were to invite Lambert over for some wine and charcuterie, there's a good chance she'd take you up on the offer. "These days, I just try to feel good about myself and know that I'm trying," she explained in a chat with Health. "And if there's wine and cheese, sometimes I have it." We are so here for this!

Lambert has shared her appreciation of wine more than once on social media. For one, she posted a pretty snap of herself on Instagram in 2020 enjoying some wine on the set of a video shoot. Lambert also explained in another post that a little bit of wine was helping her adjust to life in early quarantine, courtesy of a gift basket that her mother sent her; it contained "some wine ... freshly canned salsa, apple butter, Paw Paws bbq sauce, and a note on napkin," as she wrote in the caption. How sweet is mama Lambert?

This is Miranda Lambert's favorite cocktail

While Miranda Lambert has certainly put in the work to make sure she lives a healthy lifestyle, that doesn't mean she lives solely on green juice, lean protein, and carrot sticks. In fact, given that she's been a touring musician for many years — which comes with a certain lifestyle — the role that alcohol plays in Lambert's life is important. "I didn't give up drinking," she revealed after winning a CMA. "I refuse!" 

That being said, Lambert has found a way to keep her alcohol consumption as healthy as possible. For one, she's been vocal about her appreciation for wine, which may come with its own set of health benefits (via the Mayo Clinic). And consider also "the Mirandarita," one of Lambert's favorite DIY cocktails. "It's Bacardi Light with Crystal Light Raspberry Lemonade and a splash of Sprite Zero," she told Good Housekeeping. "Low-calorie, low-sodium, no carbs, no caffeine — it's practically a health drink!"

Miranda Lambert likes to eat this on holidays

When you think of southern cooking, what pops to mind? Perhaps you conjure a big plate of soul food, or imagine a nice serving of shrimp and grits. However, what you might not have imagined initially is Mexican food, which is near and dear to Miranda Lambert's heart. After all, it's what she likes to eat on holidays, as noted by a post on her Instagram page. To that end, Lambert has said she's been striving to create cuisine that can compare to her mom's amazing dishes. "We are from Texas where Mexican food is a staple weekly dish for most families," she explained in an interview with Southern Living. "Mom's enchiladas would stand up against anybody's!" We believe it!

That's why Lambert is committed to mastering this family recipe, which sounds like a delicious endeavor. "I'm going to keep working on it though," she continued. "The worst enchiladas are wonderful and I love the research!"

If you wondered, Thanksgiving is a bit more traditional at chez Lambert, with ham, stuffing, and, of course, turkey. "My dad's been deep-frying the turkey, which is sometimes wild turkey, because we hunt," she told Good Housekeeping.

Miranda Lambert has a fast food trick for when she's on the road

If you've ever been on a long road trip in the United States, you probably know that there are vast swaths of land where the food options aren't as diverse as you'd hope. Specifically, in some regions, you'll find that fast food restaurants are the primary dining option — think McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's, and Sonic, to name a few — and those aren't exactly the healthiest restaurants, as noted by Healthline.

That's why Miranda Lambert came up with a strategy to stay healthy while on her long tours throughout the country. "We eat a lot of fast food when we're traveling," she revealed in a chat with Shape. "But these days, almost every restaurant has an alternative to that cheeseburger. I just have to remember to order it!" Solid advice! Though, if you're lucky, you might stumble upon a Subway, which makes it a little easier to customize a healthy option.

Sundays look like pure comfort food for Miranda Lambert

Remember life before the coronavirus pandemic? Concerts were still a thing, having a big family Thanksgiving was a given, and the only people who wore face masks on the reg were doctors and nurses. Really, so much was different before life was upended by COVID-19.

The same holds true for Miranda Lambert, whose life on the road and on stage was put on a long pause, as she shared on Instagram. Before everyone had to socially distance, Lambert took the time to make Sundays special, and she would slow cook a big pot of soup (in her Pioneer Woman branded slow cooker, no less). She'd also fix herself a cocktail and bake a sheet of peanut butter cookies, as evidenced by another post she shared. We're guessing most days followed her old Sunday routine during the pandemic, as, like everyone else, she tried to relax at home.

Fried chicken might just be on Miranda Lambert's menu

As noted by the BBC, fried chicken is a staple food in the American South. Its origins and evolution are certainly more complicated than that, but no one would dispute that fried chicken and the South are inextricably linked.

Given that Miranda Lambert is a southern gal, through and through — she was born and raised in Texas, according to Biography — there's a good chance she enjoys eating fried chicken. In fact, fried food is integral to her nature, as she tells it. "Every good southern woman should learn to change a tire, drive a tractor and cook something fried," she told Southern Living. "Those three things will empower you!"

If you needed further evidence that Lambert keeps fried chicken on the menu, Lambert's husband knows how prepare the dish like a pro, which she shared her Instagram page. But chances are you won't catch her eating Nashville hot chicken, as she told Us Weekly that she doesn't enjoy spicy foods.