Here's How Being An Extrovert Could Affect Your Mental Health

When we typically think of an extrovert, we imagine someone who is always the life of the party and can make friends with everyone. They seem to effortlessly go through life, without ever feeling anxiety or fear. According to Psychology Today, they are even more likely to be found attractive as partners and have increased social status. If you're now wondering if you're an extrovert versus an introvert, there's a few ways you can tell. 


"Introverts charge by being by themselves and in spending time by themselves," psychologist, Ganz Ferrance, told Bustle. "Extroverts charge by being in an interaction with other people. If someone is quiet, it does not mean that they are introverted." She also explained that just because you like to stay home occasionally, that doesn't necessarily make you an introvert. If you are active on social media and are texting your friends all day, this could mean you're an extrovert. However, while being a social butterfly does offer some positive benefits, there are also some drawbacks.

Negative and positive outcomes of being an extrovert

While there are a lot of advantages to being outgoing, Psychology Today reports that extroverts are also involved in more accidents and are more likely to have messy breakups that are connected to cheating. Perhaps, this could be related to being more attractive to others and could even cause some jealousy in a relationship. But, while there are some negatives, the positives definitely seem to outweigh them. 


When it comes to mental health, extroverts tend to be happier in general, per Psychology Today. They also suffer from less anger because they often discuss their issues with others. Unlike introverts, who are more likely to let the hostility build and not confront the person they're having the problem with. However, social butterflies who thrive on change can find it hard to deal with things being stagnant, which can cause feelings of boredom or anxiety. Sounds like if you're an extrovert, you may want to start planning your next getaway, where you can have new experiences and be as social as you want to be!