The Truth About Why Beauty Marks Are Considered Attractive

You probably know about beauty marks, especially if you're a fan of supermodel Cindy Crawford or icon Marilyn Monroe. You might even have one of your own, and if you don't, perhaps you've drawn one on at some point. These "blemishes" are actually moles, and they rose to the status of a beauty symbol in the 18th century — people could even buy velvet ones called "mouches" (flies), via Beauty Passion.

While not everyone loves their beauty mark, these days, people draw them on using makeup. Some people may choose to have one added permanently to help balance their features. There's no denying that beauty marks draw attention to your lips, which can make them highly desirable (via Bustle). Interestingly, there's nothing exceptional about moles on your face near your lips. They're essentially the same as moles elsewhere on your body (via The Dermatology Specialists). Moles referred to as beauty marks often reside on your face, neck, shoulder, or collar bone, and they're generally harmless. However, as with all such pigmented spots, it's essential to keep an eye on them for unexpected changes. If something like that occurs, be sure to point it out to your doctor.

Here's why you should embrace your beauty mark

While it can be a struggle to be different, and some people who have prominent beauty marks may feel self-conscious, you should embrace this unique mole (via Bustle). Some of the world's most beautiful women have a pigmented bump that draws attention to their full mouths, fantastic bone structure, or some other aspect of their physique. If you have a beauty mark, you're in good company. In fact, the Editorialist reported that roughly one out of every 100 people has this signature dot somewhere on their face.

If you end up with a natural beauty mark, you'll likely have it by the time you reach adulthood. Most of the moles across your whole body will show up by the time you turn 20, and you'll likely have a few dozen across your whole body. If you aren't blessed with a feature-enhancing blemish, don't despair. You can add one if you want to, placing it where it will be the most advantageous to your looks (via Beauty Passion).