Here's How Much A Haircut From Queer Eye's Jonathan Van Ness Costs

Jonathan Van Ness stole our hearts in Queer Eye as the loving and supportive hairdresser getting a smile from all the show participants. While we saw a bubbly personality on screen, there was a lot of sadness behind the happy façade. As Van Ness revealed in his memoir, Over the Top, he was sexually abused as a child and grew up with low self-esteem, which manifested later in life with several self-destructive behaviors including binge-eating, cocaine and other hard drug use, and prostitution (via The New York Times). 

After dropping out of college at 19, he took a beautician program at the Aveda Institute in Minneapolis. He eventually found his way to Los Angeles, where he became a hairstylist. He also dipped his toes into comedy and acting as part of a parody show called Gay of Thrones (via The New York Times). The series exploded, putting Van Ness on the radar of celebrities and media companies, and eventually landing him the role in Queer Eye. From there, many great things unfolded. Van Ness cleaned up his act, became a successful TV personality and hairdresser, published his memoir, and even got secretly married. "I got married to my best friend and have a loving partner to continue building my life with," he wrote in an Instagram post in January of this year. (NBC News)

So, how much would it cost to get your hair cut by this beauty guru?

Getting a haircut from Jonathan Van Ness costs more than you'd think

Even before enrolling in the beautician program, Jonathan Van Ness was already obsessed with hair. "When I was literally, like, a toddler, I talked about it, I was curious about it, I wanted to play with other people's hair all the time. So it should have been a no-brainer, but it took dropping out of college for me to take it seriously," Van Ness said in an interview with Wealthsimple Magazine

With more than 10 years of experience doing hair on and off screen, Van Ness currently charges $250 for a cut. "When I was younger I felt weird charging people to do something I loved and was passionate about, so I used to do a lot of freebies for friends. But that wasn't sustainable," Van Ness told Wealthsimple Magazine. "Now my mom is the only person I don't charge."

Time to save up!

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