How To Organize Your Furniture For The Best Feng Shui

Between the best colors for your space and what items to add to certain areas, the rules of feng shui may seem complicated to someone just getting started. But, when you begin with the larger items in your space and find what works for you, making your home an energetic masterpiece gets that much easier. Essentially, modern feng shui involves curating a space that's functional, beautiful and made to help your family feel their best. A few simple tips can go a long way when making this happen!

For instance, Real Simple explains that doorways represent the voice and the flow of opportunities. When you have a blocked doorway or clutter around the area, that can show up in various areas of your life. The outlet recommends trying your best to ensure that the doors in your home can open to a full 90 degrees without obstruction from clothes, furniture or any other type of clutter. Plus, when it comes to your living spaces, it's important to have places for everyone to sit, The Spruce reports. With your couches and chairs arranged to welcome others and spur conversations, your living room will become the warm space you've always wanted it to be. 

Your working area also poses unique considerations — like how close to the window your desk should be. Real Simple explains that, when your desk faces a window, it creates a flow of energy that leaves your space, making you more prone to distraction and your work less potent.

Take note of your bed placement for the best feng shui

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of your home, your bed impacts the energy in your space a great deal. Real Simple explains that it's best for your mattress to stand a few inches away from any wall. You can opt for a headboard to make this space, but having it directly placed against a wall generates an imbalance in yin and yang energy. The Spruce compounds on this recommendation, noting that when your bed stands against a wall on one side, it limits the body's ability to heal. While you sleep, your system resets and repairs itself — it needs as much space as possible.

Furthermore, it's important to place your bed strategically in relation to the door of your room. Here's how you find the "command position". Real Simple explains that this position comes about when you can see the door while lying in bed — but not from a direct angle. So, you can place it a few inches off-center from your doorframe to achieve the best position. The most important aspect of this is ensuring that your feet aren't pointing directly out the door while you rest.

Of course, you can always offset any energetic issues with properly placed plants and artwork, but your furniture plays an important role in the flow of your home.