Here's What You Need To Know Before Using Spirulina

If eating algae never crossed your mind as a healthy possibility, you're certainly not alone. The blue superfood burst onto the wellness scene over a decade ago and its benefits have quickly taken hold as a viable source of nutrients. According to Mindbodygreen, spirulina is a one-cell type of algae that isn't seaweed, but rather a type of bacteria. Don't worry — it's still safe to eat!

When you see the blue-hued smoothies on Instagram citing spirulina as responsible for its color, you may want to jot down the recipe. This bacteria packs four grams of protein in a single teaspoon, loads of Vitamin B2 and B3, along with copper, iron and potassium, the outlet reports. But, it's main healthy export centers around its high magnesium content. 

Magnesium impacts countless functions in the body, including in your system's ability to relax. This molecule regulates your nerve functions, blood pressure, and DNA creation, the outlet explains. The potassium and calcium content help in regards to these processes as well. Between these nutrients and high levels of proteins, tossing some spirulina powder into your smoothies or bowls can offer you a plant-based source of vitamins that you need to feel your best.

Spirulina can increase your endurance

The Aztecs used spirulina to increase their stamina, WebMD reports, which makes sense due to its high content of minerals and nutrients. Additionally, the population used the bacteria as medicine to help people recover from different ailments. But, today, its high antioxidant count also draws more and more consumers every year.

The main pigment found in spirulina that's responsible for its blue-green hue is known to reduce inflammation throughout the body, the outlet notes. Helping offset the damaging side effects of stress, these properties also keep your LDL cholesterol in check. Plus, it even blocks the growth and creation of cancerous cells, meaning it also has potent immune health aspects.

Furthermore, just like the Aztecs, you can use spirulina to enhance your performance in the gym, thanks to its recovery-boosting molecules. Mindbodygreen reports that ingesting the blue powder was shown to even improve muscle strength, so you can take it before or after your workout for best results.

Toss a teaspoon into your smoothies or baked goods to get your daily dose of this sea-based superfood.