What The Cameras Don't Show Us On Married At First Sight - Exclusive

The reality series Married at First Sight gives us all an intimate look into the lives of newlyweds. However, we only get an hour each week. In reality, these couples spend a tremendous amount of time together. There's clearly a lot going on that we aren't seeing on camera.


Luckily, this season has some good news for Married at First Sight fans: More and more details have started to be shown of the couples' day-to-day lives. "Viewers asked for it," expert Dr. Viviana Coles exclusively explained to The List. "They wanted to see more of what's happening."

Even so, there's still a lot of things fans don't get to see during each episode. In fact, there's a major part of the show that viewers are missing. "But just because it wasn't on air doesn't mean it didn't happen," Dr. Coles said, so she disclosed exactly what the cameras aren't showing us.

The experts are around a lot more than you think on Married at First Sight

No matter how close a couple on Married at First Sight becomes, arguments always seem to ensue. In many of these moments, we all may wonder where the experts are. It turns out, they're around a lot more than we think. Throughout the course of the couples' eight-week marriages, the experts actually spend a total of five weeks with them. Many times, a couple can even make a quick call to the experts, which doesn't make it on screen. "If the couples ask for us, we're there," Dr. Coles said.


In the grand scheme of things, viewers only get to see a small part of the love stories these new couples are living. This can sometimes make it super confusing to fans when they only get an excerpt of the talks with experts. "Something that I think a lot of people are really struggling with is the actual timeline of what's happening," Dr. Coles said. In reality, the experts are spending hours sitting down with each couple, and the cameras are only showing us a few minutes of their entire conversations.

As season 12 discloses even more information than before, perhaps there will be a day when we're all able to see more of the serious conversations these couples are having with the experts. For now, as Dr. Cole told us, "It's all about their love story — not so much about our process with them."


New episodes of Lifetime's Married at First Sight air every Wednesday night. Married At First Sight: Unmatchables premieres on April 21 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Lifetime.