That '70s Show Really Confused Fans With This Line Of Dialogue

That '70s Show was one of the rare shows to really capture the essence of a certain point in time. Audiences loved traveling back to the '70s and watching the teens of Point Place navigate the ups and downs of life from Eric Foreman's basement. 

The beloved show is full of little details that leave viewers scratching their heads, however. If you watched the show from its beginnings, you may realize it was set in 1976 (per IMDb). It's unexpected status as a major hit left writers with the task of cramming seasons' worth of storylines into the last four years of the decade.

The writers were also definitely learning as they went. As a result, fans love picking up on some of the little inconsistencies from early on in the show that later don't make much sense. The little hiccups arguably come second to the show's cultural references on what it was really like growing up in the late 1970s.

One of Jackie's early lines left viewers pretty confused

In Episode 11 of Season 1, Jackie (portrayed by Mila Kunis) confused fans of the show, young and old, with her use of a particular slang term. 

In the episode, Jackie is marveling at Eric hanging out with his lab partner, Buddy (played by Joseph Gordon Levitt), who is above his social standing. She then breaks down the hierarchy. "You see, Buddy is in the rich kid clique. They mingle with the jock clique," she explains. "Then you have your smokers and your heads, okay? The rich kids can be smokers and jocks can be heads but jocks cannot be smokers unless they're rich." 

Many Reddit threads have been dedicated to determining which "heads" Jackie was talking about. Redditors argued she meant potheads, noting the creative ways the show kept the teens from ever actually referring to marijuana directly. Another considered it could be a Grateful Dead reference. "I know Grateful Dead fans have been nicknamed 'deadheads' so maybe it could be a reference to that," they suggested. Guess fans will never know for sure, but the theories are just as interesting.