The Last Words Of Every Fallen Twilight Character

The Twilight saga series of films based on the novels by Stephenie Meyer were a cultural phenomenon when they were released, and they have seen a recent resurgence on TikTok where videos with the Twilight hashtag have over 5 billion views. Yes, billion with a b. If that makes you want to brush up on the films with a rewatch, go right ahead — we won't judge!

While it's been over a decade since the first film was released and the stars of Twilight have moved on to other projects, there's still much to love about the Twilight saga. But the films were more than just a love story about an average teenage girl and a centuries-old vampire. After all, you can't really expect to have a series of movies about vampires without a little bit of death and destruction, can you? From the first movie to the last, we witnessed the demise of humans and vampires alike. While not every death in the films was worthy of a speaking role, we've compiled the last words of every fallen Twilight character who had the chance to speak them.

Waylon Forge called for a timeout, but his murderers didn't listen

In the first Twilight film, Waylon Forge reintroduces himself to Bella upon her return to Forks by reminding her that he used to dress up like Santa. We're even treated to the nickname "Buttcrack Santa" thanks to the waitress at the cafe, Cora. This exchange is no doubt an effort to make us care about Waylon. The next time we see him, he's at the docks on his boat where he's confronted by the interloping vampires Victoria, James, and Laurent, who have no scruples about killing humans. 

As soon as we see the trio, we know poor Waylon's time is up, but his last words depend on which cut of the film you've seen. In the theatrical cut, Waylon's last words are "Who are you?" as he realizes it isn't just him and Victoria down on the docks. In the extended cut, however, as Victoria, James, and Laurent are all moving in for the kill, Waylon's nervous laughter fails to cover the fear in his voice as he says, "Hang on now." It's too late. The three vampires move in and each take a bite before we see Waylon's body floating away in his boat.

James got cocky before Edward and the Cullens killed him in Twilight

Near the end of the first Twilight film, James lures Bella to her old ballet studio under the guise of having kidnapped her mom. In reality, it's a ploy to draw Edward to the studio to avenge Bella's kidnapping and death. After James breaks Bella's leg and taunts Bella with the video camera he stole from her mother's home, Edward swoops in, kicking off a fight between the two. James is under the impression he has the upper hand, smashing Edward's head against a mirror and telling him, "You're alone, 'cause you're faster than the others — but not stronger." 

This bit of cockiness is premature, as Edward reminds him, "I'm strong enough to kill you." At one point, it seems that James might beat Edward, as he even bites Bella on the wrist. However, this only seems to give Edward renewed strength. As Bella writhes in pain on the floor, Edward corners James and begins killing him before Carlisle, Alice, Jasper, and Emmett show up to finish the job.

Twilight's Laurent didn't see what was coming to him

We were first introduced to Laurent as part of the trio of vampires that also included James and Victoria during the infamous baseball scene in Twilight. Upon befriending the Cullens and leaving Forks, Laurent was out of sight and out of mind. But he re-emerged in New Moon, stumbling across Bella in Edward's meadow after finding the Cullens gone. As he menacingly circles Bella, he reveals that he's been in contact with Victoria. In fact, Laurent reveals he came as a favor to Victoria, who asked him to see if Bella was still "under the protection of the Cullens." Though he's meant to report back to Victoria so she can kill Bella in retribution for the Cullens killing James, Laurent tells Bella he finds her "mouthwatering" and that he plans to kill her himself. 

Just as he's going in for the kill, a giant black wolf (Sam Uley in his wolf form) emerges, followed by the rest of the Uley pack. At this point, it seems Laurent knows his time is up as he whispers, "I don't believe it," before the wolves start their pursuit. These are the last words we ever hear from Laurent, as Jacob later reveals to Bella that they killed him.

Harry Clearwater died protecting the Quileute secret

Not every death in the Twilight saga was the result of being murdered by a vampire, at least not directly. In New Moon, we see Chief of Police Charlie Swan leading a search for the wolves Bella told him she saw in the woods. One of the people helping in the search is Harry Clearwater, the tribal elder of the Quileute tribe, who obviously knows exactly what the wolves are and is determined to protect the secret. In their search, he spots a giant wolf track and when Charlie asks him if he's got something, he utters his last words, "Nope, nothin'," before using his boot to cover the track.

Shortly after, he spots Victoria sneaking up on Charlie, but before he can shoot her, she grabs him and lifts him in the air, preparing to kill him. She pauses, seeming to notice something interesting about Harry, before Jacob in wolf form knocks her away. It seems what Victoria was sensing in Harry was his heart stopping. When Charlie runs back to help Harry, he finds him collapsed from a heart attack, which kills him.

Riley Biers let his love for Victoria cloud his judgment and it cost him dearly

In Victoria's desire to kill Bella and the Cullens, she turns Riley Biers into a vampire before creating a newborn army. To get Riley to buy into killing the Cullens, Victoria convinces him that she loves him. When Riley goes after Bella and Edward, Edward tries to talk some sense into him. He attempts to convince Riley that Victoria only really loves James and that this is all just revenge for James' killing in the first Twilight film. For a moment, Riley seems to consider what Edward has said, but he soon turns on him and Bella. He prematurely says to the couple, "You're dead," just before he's attacked by Seth Clearwater in wolf form. 

As iconic as these would be as last words, Riley survives a bit longer as a scuffle ensues, and Riley and Victoria attempt to kill Edward. After Bella cuts herself to distract Riley and Victoria with her blood (a move inspired by the legend of The Third Wife's sacrifice), Riley is dragged away by Seth as he shouts, "Victoria! Victoria! Victoria!" Victoria, for her part, turns away and lets him fend for himself.

Victoria's last words before being killed by Edward in Twilight: Eclipse were a lie

As Riley is pulled away to his death by Seth Clearwater in wolf form while screaming Victoria's name, Victoria is unmoved and ignores him to focus her sights on a bleeding Bella. Her cold-heartedness in the face of Riley's death is her own ultimate undoing. Her choice to ignore Riley and go after Bella incites Edward's rage even further. He attacks her, biting her neck and ultimately separating her head from the rest of her body. 

It's so quick that she doesn't even really have time to react, making this Twilight character's last words the pleading lie she told Riley moments before as Edward tried to convince Riley to stand down. In her own attempt to convince Riley that Edward is lying, the final words she says are, "Riley, don't let him do this to us. You know I love you." What can we say? Lying never pays off the way you hope.

Bree Tanner revealed just how little she knew before the Volturi killed her

One of the members of the newborn army created by Victoria, Twilight: Eclipse character Bree Tanner is able to control her thirst for Bella, a control not exhibited by the other newborns. Because of this, and her willingness to surrender to the Cullens during the battle between the newborns and the Cullens, Carlisle and Esme decide to let her live, resolving to take her under their wing. 

Just when you think Bree might live, Jane, Alec, Felix, and Demetri, members of the Volturi, show up. When Jane notices Bree, Carlisle points out they've "offered her asylum," but the Volturi aren't content to let her live. After torturing her telepathically, Jane asks who created her. She responds, "I don't know. Riley wouldn't tell us. He said our thoughts weren't safe." They were her last words, as Jane orders Felix to kill her, despite objections from both Carlisle and Esme.

Toshiro proclaimed his loyalty to Aro, but his thoughts betrayed him

As the Cullens prepare to take on the Volturi, they seek the help of other vampires to serve as witnesses that they've done nothing wrong and to fight alongside them, should they need to. The Japanese vampire Toshiro is among those approached by Carlisle to help support the Cullens, but they aren't the only ones looking for his support. 

Aro and other members of the Volturi then track down Toshiro in London, cornering and immobilizing him with Alec's paralyzing mist to get information about what the Cullens are up to. As Aro and the other members of the Volturi approach Toshiro, he proclaims, "I would never go against you." Of course, Aro doesn't take him at his word and instead reads his mind, revealing, "It seems Carlisle is still expecting you." Aro then gives the signal for Felix and Demetri to kill Toshiro.

Twilight character Irina admitted her mistake before being killed by the Volturi

The vampire Irina, a member of the vegetarian Denali coven and a "cousin" of the Cullens, had fallen in love with Laurent before he was killed. At Edward and Bella's wedding, Irina refused to believe that Laurent tried to kill Bella and was angry Seth Clearwater, who killed Laurent, was at the wedding. Months later, however, she arrives in Forks to visit the Cullens and make peace, but she spots Bella and Renesmee out playing. She mistakenly believes Edward and Bella have created an immortal child, which is forbidden. 

Rather than waiting to learn the truth, she goes to the Volturi to tell them what the Cullens have supposedly done. This is what leads the Volturi to come for the Cullens. Upon seeing Renesmee again, she realizes her mistake, telling the Volturi, "The Cullens are innocent. I take full responsibility for my mistake." She then turns to the Cullens and whispers, "I'm sorry." Whether or not the Cullens forgave Irina, the Volturi sure didn't. They kill her for giving them incorrect information, making her apology her final words.

Carlisle's death kicked off the battle between the Cullens and the Volturi

Upon learning that Renesmee is indeed half-mortal and half-vampire, Aro goes after the Cullens and he is not content to walk away without adding Alice to his guard. She does, after all, have powers unlike anyone else in the Volturi guard. As Alice is being taken away by hooded vampires, Carlisle screams, "Let her go!" He then charges at the Volturi. He takes out two vampires before Aro meets him in midair. Carlisle's body falls to the snow as Aro lands on his feet, clutching Carlisle's head in his hand. Caius then lights Carlisle's body on fire, resulting in the Cullens and all of their allies charging toward the Volturi. An epic battle then ensues that results in countless deaths, including Aro's. 

Except not really. Carlisle doesn't really die, as we later learn that the whole battle was simply a vision that Alice showed to Aro, but, for those who were unfamiliar with the Twilight books, Carlisle's apparent death was a shocking moment indeed.