Will Ginny & Georgia Get A Season 2?

There's nothing quite like a good cliffhanger to send us Googling about when we might get to see our favorite characters again, and if you're recently burned through all of season one of Ginny & Georgia, you are not alone in needing to know when we'll find out what happens next. (No end of season spoilers here though!)

From the first trailer, Ginny and Georgia made it clear that they weren't here to play nice. Tackling comparisons straight on, Georgia quips, "We're like the Gilmore Girls, but with bigger boobs!" as she flops down on the bed in the show's trailer. Aside from the obvious similarity of a mother/daughter focused show where the teenage daughter is currently the age when her mother had her, Ginny & Georgia tackles a lot more than the idyllic world of Stars Hollow ever could. Actor Antonia Gentry who plays 15-year-old Ginny, told W Magazine, "When I was growing up, I never saw a biracial lead. I didn't see interracial couples or narratives often displayed in television or movies, and that was something I didn't realize I wish I had until later on."

Much of the story centers around Ginny's attempts to find her place in an all White New England town as well as contending with the (not always legall) antics of her White mother. As noted by Marie Claire, part of the show's success is its portrayal of racial dynamics, micro-aggressions, queer narratives, and use of ASL.

Howey and Gentry are both hoping for a season 2 renewal of Ginny & Georgia

Brianne Howey, who plays Georgia is equally enthusiastic about the show. As she told People, "I think what Debra [J. Fisher, the showrunner] and Sarah [Lampert, the show's creator] did so beautifully was really have this show reflect the world that we live in...I think those are really important stories to tell because they aren't stories we always get to see." It's no wonder that fans are chomping at the bit for more of the story.

At present, there have been no formal announcements about Season 2 of Ginny & Georgia, but that's not necessarily cause for fans to lose hope. As Marie Claire points out, the show's popularity (fifth this year) is reason enough to assume it will get renewed, and even fans of smash hits like Bridgerton usually have to wait at least a month for concrete news from Netflix. In other words, a show as popular (and profitable!) as Ginny and Georgia should be a no-brainer for renewal.

Gentry recently shared her hopes for her character with Elle if the show does get renewed. "I would say, I want to see Ginny get down and dirty. I want to see her turn into Georgia a little bit. I want to see her really dig in and show that mean streak I know she has. That would be really fun to explore. But, I'm just taking things a day at a time right now."