The Candle Scents You Should Burn If You Want To Improve Your Memory

A study secret of the pros, burning and inhaling various scents can have a positive impact on your mental wellbeing, including your ability to remember. If you've ever opted for a mint during your late-night cram session, you've likely experienced the helpful mental benefits of the sensory system. According to My Domaine, your sense of smell directly connects with the emotional center of the brain — making it a powerful way to improve your memory. And, since different smells ignite certain parts of the brain, it's a good idea to note which ones can help you remember things more easily.

Aside from giving your morning coffee a welcome flavor boost, cinnamon can also enhance your ability to focus. Without feeling distracted, you'll be able to better remember various items on your to-do list and give your full attention to whatever task is at hand, the outlet notes. Furthermore, according to Luna Candle Company, this scent is a helpful antidote to brain fog and mental fatigue. So, if you've been studying and need to remember important information, having the smell of a cinnamon-scented candle on hand can give your brain the boost it needs to more easily recall information later. Combine cinnamon with jasmine for a soothed, softened focus. Entrepreneur notes that this scent works as an antidepressant with energizing and uplifting properties.

A simple addition, your cinnamon- and jasmine-scented candles may make your Monday that much easier.

Classic kitchen scents can improve your memory

Beyond cinnamon and jasmine, rosemary also improves your brain's capacity to recall information. In addition to helping you feel more awake and alert, this smell can even fight physical discomfort, Entrepreneur reports. But, most importantly, rosemary has positive impacts on the memory centers of the brain. Burn a rosemary-scented candle and watch as your focus enhances while your memory improves.

However, a classic scent has been the staple of students and those hard at work for decades. Peppermint invigorates the brain, waking up your cells while sharpening your focus. This increased blood flow spurs clearer thinking, according to the outlet, promoting clarity during any brainstorming session. Indeed, Clean Eating cites a study that found participants reported better long-term memory recall while rosemary improved prospective memory. When combined, the two scents can give you a clearer state of mind with the memory of an elephant.

Once you've added scented candles to your work or study routine, it's important to note which smells to steer clear of. The outlet reports that the scent of lavender actually showed a negative impact on people's ability to remember various pieces of information, as did chamomile tea. As both of these smells are connected to relaxation, they may not be best for increasing your ability to focus.

While a peppermint candle may not guarantee you a higher ACT score, its memory-boosting benefits are worth adding to your candle cabinet.