The Last Words Of Every Fallen Pretty Little Liars Character

No matter how old you were when Pretty Little Liars premiered, you likely heard about the teenage drama somehow. Even if you weren't the target demographic, Pretty Little Liars was hard to avoid. The popular series was based on the book series of the same name by Sara Shepard and told the tale of four best friends trying to piece together the story of who killed their friend, Alison DiLaurentis. There was romance, murder, and cyber-bullying, so the show was instantly a hit.

And one of the things that Pretty Little Liars was famous for was the amount of deaths — and fake deaths and near-deaths — that happened over the course of the show's seven seasons. Seriously, PLL could give Grey's Anatomy a run for its money in the drama department, but that's all part of the fun of the show. And to look back at the last words of every fallen Pretty Little Liars character, it's obvious that the series knew what it was doing in terms of keeping the audience on its toes. Every plot twist or surprise attack from the darkness was enough to make anyone gasp out loud, and that was kind of the point.

Pretty Little Liars' Ian was confused right before he died

The biggest mystery of Pretty Little Liars at the beginning was definitely the person who killed Alison and who was sending the girls harassing text messages, going by "A." At the end of Season 1 of the show, viewers had witnessed the liars go through so many possible "A" suspects that it had become almost like a game.

But in the first season finale, the girls think they know who A is once and for all. They think that Ian, Spencer's brother-in-law, is Ali's killer and possibly the stalker known as "A" because he had been hooking up with Ali. In a chaotic scene in the church bell tower, Ian chases Spencer down and tries to convince her that he didn't kill Ali. He then eventually threatens to kill her and make it look like a suicide. Then, just when it seems like Spencer is about to fall to her death, a mysterious figure dressed all in black shows up. When Ian sees them, he utters his last words: "What are you doing here?" Ian is obviously confused, and the figure pushes him down the bell tower, seemingly to his death. In a twist, we later discover he didn't die from that accident, but it's not long before he does and his last words we hear before his death remain the same.

Maya's last words on Pretty Little Liars were all about her love for Emily

Perhaps the saddest death on Pretty Little Liars was that of Maya St. Germain, Emily's first girlfriend and basically a totally innocent bystander in the girls' quest to find the truth. Though Maya technically was found dead in the Season 2 finale, it wasn't until midway through Season 3 that her final moments and her killer were revealed. While Emily is with who she thinks is Maya's cousin, Nate, he shows Emily some videos Maya made for her to watch, and it's clear Emily knows something is up. His darker side is soon uncovered when he reveals himself to be Maya's ex-boyfriend, Lyndon James.

"I'm coming home, and if you still want to be with me, if I can still count on us, I know I can get through this," are the last words Maya says in the video before Nate hits pause and reveals that he was her killer. It's unclear what exactly Maya said before she died or if she even got a chance to utter any last words before Nate attacked her. However, it is telling that the creators of the series had Maya's last words on screen be directed towards Emily. Maya was Emily's first real love, and her death was so hard on Emily that those final words probably meant the world to her. 

Garrett spilled the truth before he died

No one in Pretty Little Liars is safe from being a suspect, and Officer Garrett Reynolds was actually assumed to be guilty of killing Alison DiLaurentis until just moments before his death. Aria is actually the one to discover Garrett's dead body, as she is trapped in a box with it on a Halloween train. It is later revealed that Garrett was murdered by none other than Officer Wilden. Because of that, it's likely that Garrett's actual last words were only known by Wilden, but in his last scene on the train before he was found dead, he talks to Spencer about what he knew regarding Alison's death, namely that he'd seen Aria's father speaking with Alison before her disappearance.

"I didn't stick around. After he heard me, I left. She was alive when I left," he says. After Spencer orders him to stay put, he responds, "Where do I have to go?"

While Garrett succeeded in clearing his name in the involvement of Ali's death, his own death made things all that much more complicated in regards to who actually attacked her. Still, while Garrett wasn't completely innocent of all crimes, he didn't deserve to die like he did.

This Pretty Little Liars villain used his last words to taunt Emily

Emily was really put through a lot on Season 3 of Pretty Little Liars. Between mourning the death of Maya, her first love, and then getting attacked by Maya's jealous ex-boyfriend after he kidnapped her new girlfriend, it was a lot. But Emily was able to put Nate in his place when he tried to kill her after revealing he had also killed Maya. Nate chases Emily around, and they end up in a lighthouse, with Nate and his knife getting closer and closer to Emily.

"Come here! Where are you going?" are Nate's last words as he taunts Emily and continues to chase her. At one point, he even scoffs and laughs at her attempts to break free from his grip, so when Emily finally turns the knife on him and stabs him in the stomach, killing him, it's pretty shocking. It's clear Emily is terrified and shocked that she killed someone, but considering the fact that it was self-defense, she has nothing to feel guilty about.

Detective Wilden was menacing up until his death

From the very beginning of Pretty Little Liars, one question has haunted viewers at home: While the girls are receiving harassing messages and being tormented by an anonymous person claiming to know who killed Alison, why wouldn't they just go to the police? Well, once you meet Detective Darren Wilden, you understand why. He wasn't exactly the nicest of officers, and he seemed intent on proving that the girls were guilty of something. So, when he died, it wasn't the saddest day in Rosewood.

In fact, in one of his last scenes, he threatens Hanna's mother, Ashley. "Either you shut Hanna up or I will!" he says. Ashley runs him over, panicked and trying to protect her daughter. Thinking he is dead, she drives off, but in true PLL fashion, that isn't what eventually killed Wilden. He returns a couple of episodes later and asks Hanna where his police cruiser, the one Hannah pushed into a lake, is. "Just give me the keys and tell me where you left it. That's all you have to do, and then there's no more trouble from me. All I want from you and your mother is that car." Those were his last on-screen words before he was later shot and killed. 

Jessica DiLaurentis was mad right before she was killed

For the longest time on Pretty Little Liars, the murder of Alison DiLaurentis was the biggest mystery, along with who was behind the "A" persona. But once those questions were answered, there was more to be uncovered, and Ali's mom, Jessica DiLaurentis, was killed for knowing too much at the end of Season 4.

In Jessica's final speaking scene, she is upset at Ashley Marin for having the four main girls model in a bridal fashion show. "You asked your daughter and her friends to model the dresses?" she asks. Ashley told her that the girls offered to help out, but Jessica didn't buy it. "They offered, or you asked?" Jessica presses Ashley at the bridal show, and those were her last words as she then stormed away. While Jessica isn't found dead until the very end of the next episode, this is her last appearance on screen, and it's pretty mysterious. After all, how did she go from volunteering at a fashion show to being buried in someone's backyard? Well, her evil twin sister, Mary, had something to do with that, though that wasn't revealed until much later in the show.

Pretty Little Liars' Shana revealed her master plan

In Season 5 of Pretty Little Liars, there were plenty of new bad guys that the girls had to face. And in one episode, when Shana shows up to supposedly kill all the girls in an empty auditorium, she instead meets her own end. While Shana was working with both Jenna and Melissa to target the girls, she went rogue when she showed up in a hoodie and a gun, ready to kill.

"Jenna doesn't even know I'm here, and she'll never know," Shana says, pointing the gun at Spencer, Hanna, Emily, and Alison. "And once I'm done with you, she can finally get back to her life," Shana adds, pointing the gun directly towards Ali while Aria sneaks behind her. Aria then attacks Shana with a stage prop and she falls off the stage, dead. Clearly, Shana had some pretty evil intent in those last moments, and her final words were exactly what you would expect from a villain. 

Bethany Young showed her dark side

Perhaps the biggest plot twist in Pretty Little Liars history was the discovery that Alison DiLaurentis was not, in fact, dead. On the contrary, she wasn't dead, but was in hiding. So, what about the body the police uncovered and thought was Ali's? Well, it belonged to Bethany Young. Young ended up being killed by Mona and Melissa as they both thought she was Alison.

Before her death, Bethany was a patient at the Radley mental health institute, and she was more than a little unstable. She pushed Toby's mom off of the roof, killing her. Charlotte witnessed this and asked her, "Bethany, what did you do?" Bethany responds, "What did I do? You pushed her, freak!" And that was Bethany's last speaking role on the show, as viewers never see Mona kill Bethany the night Alison went missing, only Melissa burying her (and thinking she was burying Alison). Clearly, her last words indicated that she wasn't so innocent, and even though there was a case of mistaken identity, no one was too sad she was gone.

Toby's mom just wanted to take care of her son

Toby Cavanaugh is a seriously huge mystery for most of Pretty Little Liars, even after he starts to date Spencer. His past is pretty vague, though it is revealed that his mother committed suicide while she was at a mental health facility, Radley. However, that all proves to be false when Charlotte explains that Marion was actually killed by Bethany Young. In her death scene, Marion didn't say much, so to know her last words, you have to go back a bit to when she was still at home with Toby.

On Pretty Little Liars, Toby had a flashback of his mom not feeling well before she went to Radley. "I'm just a little tired," Marion says to Toby in the flashback. While it's later revealed that Marion spent time in Radley and was eventually killed there, this last scene with Toby was her final speaking part on the show. And she walked away after saying the most mom thing ever: "I'll make you a snack." Marion's death was a huge tragedy, and she definitely deserved better.

Sara Harvey was cut off before she could reveal secret information

There were a lot of different "bad guys" over Pretty Little Liars' seven seasons. From Mona and Ian to Charlotte and so many more villains, it was hard to keep track. But later in the series, Sara Harvey came into play, and she was revealed to be part of the "A-team," so she wasn't exactly a fan-favorite. But in Season 7, her time on the show comes to an end, and it was kind of overdue.

Sara's last words were a warning to Emily. "I'm trying to keep you safe, Emily. I want you to be safe. Please don't come back," she said. When Emily countered that she wasn't scared of Jenna, Sara responded, "I'm not talking about Jenna. I'm talking about –" But she was cut off before she could share who she was referring to. 

Sara then dies in her next scene, and it was a pretty memorable one. After she packs up her hotel room, she starts to head out the door and notices someone on the other side when she opens it up. There's a shocked look on Sara's face, and it's clear she knows the person is there to hurt her. And that's the last she's seen alive. The maid later finds her dead body in the bathtub. Eventually, it's revealed that Noel Kahn was Sara's murderer, though the actual murder scene is never shown.

Noel Kahn further proved himself to be a Pretty Little Liars villain

Basically all throughout Pretty Little Liars, Noel Kahn was a bit of a shadowy figure. At first, you just thought he was the boy next door. Then, you thought he might be "A," and then you realized he was a murderer. So, in Season 7 when he tries to kill all the girls, it's no surprise that he ends up dead himself. In Noel's death scene, he tries to murder the liars, starting with Hanna and Emily. But when he finds his perfect murder weapon, it turns out to majorly backfire against him.

"I taught Jenna a lot, but the one thing she taught Charlotte and me? That was how to smell fear," he says while taking an ax from a suit of armor. "You b***hes never understood me," he continues, hunting down Hanna and Emily. "I always get what I want." Then, Hanna creeps up behind Noel, knocks the ax out of his hand and onto the floor before he falls onto it, decapitating himself. Ouch.

This Pretty Little Liars character filled Alison in

In the final season of Pretty Little Liars, a lot happens. One pretty important plot point is that Alison's husband, Elliot Rollins, turns out to be a pretty bad dude. And Ali had no idea until it was almost too late. Yes, Elliot Rollins, also known as Archer Dunhill, was no angel on Pretty Little Liars. Archer was working with Jenna and had been torturing Alison before he was killed.

"Change of plans, Alison," he tells her as she's lying in bed at Welby, and those are the last words he speaks. Then, Archer is seen driving a car in the dark, with an unconscious Ali in the front seat. Spencer, Hanna, Aria, and Emily track Archer down in their efforts to save Ali. Soon enough, Ali breaks free of the car and Archer chases her, and it isn't long before the liars catch up with them. And when they do, Hanna accidentally hits Archer with her car, killing him. Bet that wasn't in his plans.

Charlotte fought with Mona before her death

One of the more complex villains in Pretty Little Liars history was Charlotte, Alison's transgender sister. After Charlotte is revealed to be working against the liars, though, it was hard to stay mad at her after learning what her life was like growing up. Still, in her final moments fighting with Mona, Charlotte put up one hell of a fight.

"I knew you didn't have the guts," Charlotte tells Mona after their fight in the bell tower seemingly ends with Mona letting her live. The fight then continues, and Charlotte chokes Mona, telling her, "They'll never love you." Mona fights back, and it all comes to a conclusion when Charlotte is pushed up against a wall that had a large nail sticking out that impales her neck. Charlotte's death scene was seriously intense, and it brought her story to an end that was just as sad as its beginning.

Wren spent his final moments helping Alex

Some characters on Pretty Little Liars seem pretty insignificant until they show up again seasons later. Take, for instance, Wren Kingston. While Wren made a short appearance in Season 1 of Pretty Little Liars, he eventually returned as the love interest of Spencer's long-lost twin, Alex Drake. Yes, it was pretty twisted, but not as twisted as it was going to get. Alex wanted to essentially become Spencer, and she enlisted Wren to help her, though he was unwilling and it ultimately led to his demise.

But, in order for Alex to completely become Spencer, she had to be shot in the shoulder like Spencer was. It was hard for Wren, and in his emotional last scene he struggled with it. "I can't do this!" Wren shouts, but then he does. "It's okay. I got you. I got you," he tells Alex as he holds her after shooting her. 

Later revealing that she killed him, Alex tells Spencer that, rather than break up with him, she had his ashes turned into a diamond, but it's unknown just how or when he died. Wren had a pretty rough go of things on Pretty Little Liars – that's for sure.

This minor Pretty Little Liars character had a touching moment with Toby

Pretty Little Liars had more than a few iconic couples on the series. Spencer and Toby, for instance, were totally loved by fans. But they weren't always together. After a time jump, it is revealed that Toby and Spencer broke up, and he is instead with a new woman, Yvonne Phillips. The two seem completely happy and in love, but things take a turn when the couple get into a car accident. Yvonne ends up in a coma, from which she never fully recovers.

In her final scene, Toby is in her hospital room and the pair are talking about all the adventures they're going to take together once she gets better. "You know somewhere I've always wanted to go?" she asks Toby. "Moscow. In the winter, there's a huge ice rink in the red square, it's all lit up at night." Toby then tells her that's where they'll spend their first Christmas and asks if she's happy. "Happiest," she responds, before taking her last breath. It's pretty heartbreaking, especially since she and Toby had just gotten married in the hospital.

Esther Potter had little screen time, but a big impact

Some characters on Pretty Little Liars made brief appearances, but had lasting impacts. Such was the case with Esther Potter, who only appeared for a few minutes in one episode. Esther was a client at the bank Ashley Marin worked at, and she only stopped by once a year to deposit large amounts of cash into a safety deposit box. Because Ashley was short on cash at the time and knew Esther wouldn't miss it, she ended up taking some to help cover her mortgage. But when Esther came in that day, it was the last Ashley would see her.

Pointing to candies on Ashley's desk, Esther had a question. "Oh, those butterscotch?" she asked Ashley, who told her to "help yourself." Esther said, "Thank you," before grabbing almost all the candies in the dish. "Right, see you next year," she told Ashley. But, of course, there wouldn't be a next year, as Esther would later die. Naturally, that complicated the situation for Ashley, but still, it's pretty iconic for the elderly lady to leave the show with a handful of candy and ton of cash stored away.

Wayne Fields meant so much to Emily

Perhaps the most beloved parent on Pretty Little Liars was Wayne Fields, Emily's dad. He often showed up for Emily after she had gone through something traumatic or exciting, like after she was approached by a scout to swim in college. Wayne was hugely important to her, and while he was away in the army for much of the series, his impact could still be felt.

In Season 6 of Pretty Little Liars, the show went through a time jump five years into the future, and Emily revealed her dad had died serving in the army. To look back at Wayne's last words on the show, in Season 4, it's clear he loved his daughter. Although Emily had a phone call with him later in the series (during which we only heard her side of the call), Wayne's last on-screen appearance on PLL was when rescued her from a potential "A" attack at the school and then comforted her after. "I ain't going anywhere," he tells Emily after revealing he had a heart condition. "You hear me? You're stuck with me for the long haul, kid. Hey, come on, come here," he says, motioning her in for a hug. The fact that Wayne promised Emily he wasn't going anywhere and then passed away is tragic, but shows how close the father and daughter were.