Carmeon Hamilton Teases What Her HGTV Show Might Be Like - Exclusive

Not only is Carmeon Hamilton an incredible designer, but she's earned herself two new titles this week. She's the winner of Design Star: Next Gen, and now, she'll soon be an HGTV host. Luckily, this content creator is more ready than ever. "[Over the years], I've treated my platform like having a show," she explained in an exclusive interview with The List.


Before ever stepping foot on the set of the competition series, Hamilton had already been approached by casting directors interested in giving her a television show. However, "every single one of those opportunities always ended in nothing," she admitted. "I was too different or a little too outside of the box of what they were looking for."

Though we haven't had the chance to see her on-screen solo just yet, the time has finally come. As winner of Design Star: Next Gen, Hamilton will officially be hosting her own show on HGTV. We sat down and asked her all about what we could expect, and here's what she had to say.

Hometown Hope will be a personal project for Carmeon Hamilton

"There's nobody that looks like me on TV," Carmeon Hamilton told us. "There's nobody that designs like I do on TV." So when she was asked by producers what she envisioned for her own HGTV show, she had her own unique idea already in mind.


The set of her series would take place in her favorite spot — her hometown. "You would see me in the city of Memphis redesigning homes in undesirable neighborhoods," she told us. For Hamilton, it's all about building up and bringing beauty to these areas. As she told us, her main goal is "adding value to those neighborhoods and being able to sell homes to people where they could still afford them, while also bettering those communities."

Even if Hamilton had never won Design Star: Next Gen, this is something she'd still be doing — just not with any cameras around to capture it. Having the ability to make her hometown public is her way of giving back to the city that gave her a childhood. Hometown Hope, as she calls it, will be "just a true love letter to Memphis and my love of Memphis and everything that's here." We can't wait to watch it.


All episodes of Design Star: Next Gen are streaming now on discovery+.