Inside The Relationship Of Rasheeda And Kirk Frost

We're hooked on VH1's Couples Retreat, with its next episode airing April 5, and we can't help but wonder about Rasheeda and Kirk Frost's relationship history. Revealing their marital issues on the show, the singer and music manager are no strangers to airing their dirty laundry on television (via Variety). As Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta veterans, the couple have confronted issues ranging from infidelity to having a child outside of the marriage (via Cheat Sheet). Twenty-two years later, the pair are still going strong — but it sure wasn't easy.

According to Distractify, Rasheeda and Kirk met more than two decades ago, marrying in 1999. Although fans began to speculate that the two married when Rasheeda was still a minor, with rumors swirling that Kirk adopted her when she was 15-years-old, the two have denied all accusations (via MadameNoire). In a Twitter video, the music manager made clear he "aint f–king adopt Rasheeda" and that he wouldn't be "interested in marrying a f–king minor." Urging fans to focus on the pandemic instead, the two shut down all rumors. Plus, with Rasheeda having been born on May 25, 1976, that would mean she was 23 at the time of their marriage (via Famous Birthdays), with Kirk seven years her senior.

As singer Rasheeda pursued her music career, featured on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta since Season 1, she enlisted husband Kirk as her manager (via Cheat Sheet). Soon enough though, the pair dealt with serious drama in their marriage.

The relationship has been difficult

As described by Cheat Sheet, Rasheeda and Kirk dealt with major issues since day one on Love & Hip Hop. Kirk accused his singer wife of cheating on him, and asked her to take a paternity test when she was pregnant. Even though Rasheeda later admitted to cheating on her husband in a clip from the VH1 show, the accusations were still ironic, considering Kirk was constantly cheating (via YouTube).

Kirk began having affairs in Season 3 of the show, with Rasheeda becoming pregnant to try and save their marriage. As Kirk ended up in hot tubs with other women and fathered a child with Jasmine Washington (via AmoMama), he swabbed his baby with Rasheeda on camera for paternity results. Even through serious problems, Rasheeda decided to stay in the marriage, which many fans are still disappointed about (via Cheat Sheet). This led viewers to ask themselves on Twitter if "Kirk and Rasheeda think we've magically forgotten the last 8 seasons." The singer still defends her decision to stay.

In an interview with Essence, Rasheeda said, "[no one can] speak on the decisions that I make. At the end of the day, it's my life." She continued, "One reason our marriage has been able to continue is because he's made a 360. ... I haven't always been perfect and neither has he." However, Rasheeda made clear to viewers the scandals were the last straw, telling Hello Beautiful, "But, will I take some more sh*t? There's no room for error." Whew!