Here's Where You Know The Song In Wendy's $5 Biggie Bag Commercial From

Wendy's is bringing back one of its most popular and delicious deals, the $5 Biggie Bag. And to go along with it, they've launched a new mouth-watering ad campaign. As Delish notes, the massive meal is so reasonably priced it might technically constitute two meals. The $5 Bacon Double Stack Biggie Bag, to give it its full, government name, includes the titular burger, a four-piece chicken nugget selection, small fries, and a small drink — you can even get spicy nuggets instead, if the mood strikes. Although fast food is, by its very nature, cheap, the amount of food Wendy's is offering for a measly five bucks is seriously impressive.

The applicable commercial showcases just how special the deal is, as a whole bunch of different days are interrupted by advertisements for the meal. From huge billboards slicing through the boring shuffle to work, to a salesman cut off while pitching a new TV to a family, and even a young couple midway through dinner, the message of the so-called "Major Bag Alert" seems to be you need to head to Wendy's immediately to settle your cravings. Accompanying the hilariously on point footage are snippets of a catchy track that might sound familiar, since it's courtesy of some of the biggest artists in music right now. 

Major Bag Alert is a major earworm

The song in question is, unsurprisingly, entitled "Major Bag Alert" (via YouTube). Courtesy of DJ Khaled and Migos, the autotuned vocals are immediately recognizable even if we don't get to hear a whole lot of them until the final few moments of the commercial. The titular riff is sung by Quavo and not only is it catchy, but the line serves as an encouragement, if any were needed, to head to your local Wendy's ASAP. Sadly, though, the phrase wasn't created to herald the return of the big deal. Rather, it's a common phrase that, in local parlance, refers to "securing an amount of anything of worth," as per Urban Dictionary

It's also one of Khaled's favorite phrases, and he's been known to exclaim it at random without further explanation (via Twitter). The lyrics reference dropping money on clothes, women and other less savory items (via Genius). Although the title is a perfect fit for a commercial advertising a bag-based meal, the lyrics don't really fit the brief, which might go some way towards explaining why so little of the song is actually utilized in the clip itself. Still, the riff is undeniably catchy and certainly fits the premise of being so inescapable that those who hear it can't help but rush to get their Wendy's fix immediately.