The Secrets About Intervention You Weren't Supposed To Know

Intervention might be one of A&E's longest-running shows, but there are still some behind-the-scenes secrets that might surprise viewers. Since 2005, this reality series has profiled people who are dependent on drugs or alcohol and forced to choose between rehab or losing contact with their loved ones when their friends and family stage an intervention. Now in its 22nd season, the Emmy-award winning series claims to show "the devastating reality of addiction," according to A&E's website, but insiders have suggested not everything is as it seems.

When Ranker gathered secrets about popular reality television series from Reddit, the outlet found some alarming accusations leveled at Intervention. In particular, the addicts featured are allegedly often encouraged to purchase drugs or alcohol on camera. A supposed former staff member posted, "the crew doesn't 'follow' the addict. They plan in advance the scenes they need to get/what they need the addict to do ie. [sic] using drugs, buying drugs, getting in [a] fight with family at dinner." Although they added that some of the drama is real, they claim producers also "force the situations that make the drama happen" (via Ranker).

Many reality shows use editing to portray more drama

It's possible Intervention also uses common editing and sound techniques employed by reality show producers to make events seem more dramatic than they are, according to Ranker. For example, another Reddit user claimed they'd worked on reality shows in which producers asked participants leading questions to create soundbites. A producer might say something negative about someone on the episode. "When the talent tacitly agrees, because they all just want to be on TV and please the people making TV, (producers will) ask them if they can 'say it in a complete sentence because that will make it easier to edit'" (via Ranker).

The reaction shots viewers see of participants who are shocked, angry, or amused might also be used out of context. They are "not necessarily from that moment," wrote one Reddit user, who claimed the shots were often creatively edited to create more drama. Regardless of how much of the show is manipulated, Intervention is certain to keep viewers glued to their screens this season.