What It Really Means When You Dream About A Black Panther

We all dream weird or unusual things. Sometimes our dreams include the people we love in our life or they include our favorite animals. Whatever it may be, dreams have powerful meanings about you and your wish fulfillment, according to Time.

For example, say you're dreaming about a black panther. According to Dream Stop, dreaming about a black panther can embody a number of meanings. One meaning, the outlet reports, is that there is a powerful and protective presence in your life. Black panthers represent power, grace, and beauty, so if one is lurking in your dreams, you have someone (or something) looking out for you, the outlet says.

Dreaming about a black panther also signifies the type of person you are. According to Herinterest, a black panther has a fierce and aggressive personality, and dreaming about one may indicate that you have the same personality as a black panther. The outlet says that you might be the type of person to fight for your rights and the people around you.

What the black panther is doing in your dreams also has a meaning

Other than just appearing in your dreams, what the black panther is doing also has a meaning. For example, Herinterest says that a black panther attacking you in your dream can symbolize a threat in your real life. The outlet further added that if you killed the animal in your dream, the threat is false. Additionally, if a black panther is stalking you, it means that your enemy is close, according to Herinterest.

How the panther approaches you in your dream matters too. If the panther is growling, it means that there is bad news, per Dream Stop. And, if the panther is threatening you, that's also another indicator that something bad is happening or you have business problems, the outlet added.

However, it's important not to become fearful of a black panther's presence in your dream, Dream Stop says. Black panthers are here to protect you and warn you from danger, so they'll never bring harm to you.

Next time you're dreaming about a black panther, remember its actions and facial expression. They have meaning that'll help you in a way you never expected.