Here's Why Your Ears Get Hot

If your ears have ever felt hot to the touch, you'll know that it can be quite an alarming sensation. More often than not, hot ears can be attributed to your overall body temperature, sunburn, and can even be a physical reaction to emotions including anxiety, anger, and embarrassment (via Healthline). However, hot ears can also be a sign of more complex and serious health issues. 


According to Everyday Wellness, if you're experiencing symptoms such as headaches, pain, drainage, and hearing loss alongside warm or red ears, this could signify an infection of some kind. Elsewhere, hot ears can also be a reaction to hormonal changes including menopause

Per Bel Marra Health, other possible causes of hot ears include the common skin condition sborrheic eczema, rapid changes in body temperature (otherwise known as vasoconstriction), and read ear syndrome, the symptoms of which include burning pain and redness of the ears. 

How you can treat hot ears

Elsewhere, a person's hot ears could also be due to a rare condition known as Erythromalgia (which is generally sparked by light exercise or warm temperatures), as well as relapsing polychondritis, another rare condition that leads to the inflammation of cartilage throughout the body, including the ears (via Bel Marra Health). 


Per Healthline, causes of hot ears can vary significantly from person to person, and you should always book an appointment with your doctor to determine the root cause of your warm or red ears before moving ahead with treatments. 

For sunburn and other weather-related issues, simply applying sunscreen or protective gear such as ear muffs can be an effective way of protecting your ears. For any infections causing your earns to burn up, you may be prescribed antibiotics by your doctor, and for possible hormonal changes, it is recommended you avoid caffeine, alcohol, and spicy foods.

In general, hot ears are nothing to be too concerned about, and the condition usually goes away on its own with little to no medical treatment required.