Is TikTok Star Bella Poarch Single?

Remember the girl that got famous for that hypnotic lip-sync TikTok? Yeah, that's Bella Poarch, one of the most followed influencers on the video-sharing app, according to Insider. She currently has the most-liked TikTok of all time, and fans adore her, the outlet reported. After all, a brand built on cuteness, gamer content, dance challenges, and viral trends (via Insider) is bound to get followers, right?

Any influencer (or celebrity) knows that fans want all the details into their life. And as a newbie influencer, Poarch is now experiencing the dreaded dating rumors. Distractify reported that fans were linking Poarch and rapper Tyga after the two posted some TikToks together in mid-September. And even though their "relationship" has not ventured past some videos, there are still rumors circulating that OnlyFans leaked an NSFW video of the two together, according to the outlet.

Distractify also reported that some Twitter users have seemingly claimed to have seen said sex tape or know where the tape is. However, there isn't any confirmation of the tape's existence, according to the outlet. Furthermore, neither party has addressed the video, per Insider.

It looks like Bella Poarch is single for now

Unfortunately for some fans, it doesn't look like Tyga and TikTok star Bella Poarch are dating. She is staying single for now, according to PopBuzz. The outlet reported that Poarch confirmed her single status during a game called Whose Bio Is it Anyway? with influencers Noah Beck and Larray.

And, while there are still rumors that the duo was spotted hanging out together (via Distractify), the two might only be friends. Or, as the outlet also suggests, the rumored relationship may have already ended. Another possibility, according to Cheat Sheet, is that the pair might have used these rumors to increase their fame. Other celebrities have done it before, so this theory isn't too farfetched. The reality is, we may never know the true story of Tyga and Bella Poarch's relationship.

Whatever the case, we do know that this TikToker is single for right now. Until we know anything else for sure, stay tuned!