How The New Moon On April 12 Will Affect You If You're An Air Sign

While full moons tend to be the most "famous" and celebrated lunar phase, with lore and legend surrounding them, other phases of the moon's cycle can be just as powerful and transformative. New moons, for instance, are equally as intense as full moons but they boast a different type of energy. If a full moon is the culmination of building energies, the new moon is the planning stage, the quiet and still time to set your intentions, It's when creativity abounds and goals and aspirations are set into motion (via Bustle). Think of it as a time to plant your seeds of intention so that when the full moon comes, you can reap what you've sown.


While each new moon tends to have an overarching theme with regard to the energy it brings into our lives, each astrological sign is generally affected a little bit differently, and will be tasked with focusing on something specific. If you are an air sign, here is what you can expect from the upcoming new moon on April 12th. 


If you are a Gemini, the focus during this new moon phase will be your health (via Vogue). While you are always interested in the latest health trend, diet, cleanse, or exercise routine, you also tend to start things and drop them to experiment with how they'll make you feel. During the new moon, it's time to do some deeper investigating into your well-being and your approach to your overall health. Truly take stock of where you are with regard to your wellness and fitness goals. If you are feeling fatigued often, find yourself yo-yo dieting instead of balancing a healthy lifestyle, or if you are over-exercising or can't seem to get motivated to stick to a consistent workout routine, it's time to get honest with yourself about what the underlying reasons for these inconsistencies are. 


The upside of this challenging self-reflection is that the answers you find may help lead you to realistic and meaningful goals for your health. This new moon has energy that is particularly supportive of starting new things because it will inspire you to actually stick to whatever routine or plan you commit yourself to, as long as that commitment is made from a place of true self-love and inner wisdom. 


Harmony loving Libra, this new moon is all about love for you (via Bustle). Your closest relationships may feel reinvigorated, and if you're looking for a romantic partner, this is actually a fantastic time to cast your net. The new moon has you feeling certain of what you want, who you are, and what you will and won't tolerate in a partner. If you are already in a romantic relationship, this is a good time to inject some newness and spring sunshine into your partnership (via Vogue). Go somewhere new, get outside together, have an adventure with your love, and remember why you chose to have them by your side. 


It's also a very important time to set intentions for self-love. As Bustle notes, you are such a people pleaser that you sometimes prioritize harmony in a relationship (whether professional, personal, or romantic) over your own needs and desires. This is the time to really take a hard look at that. You are feeling strong in your own power, and it's time to ask for what you want. Prioritize your own wellness and needs, and let the chips fall where they may. If someone close to you has a really hard time accepting your boundaries or meeting you halfway, it might be time to reconsider this person's place in your life. 


For lack of a better phrase, if you're an Aquarius, this new moon is the perfect opportunity to get your "stuff" together (via Vogue). You are likely feeling an urgency to tie up loose ends, take care of administrative and household tasks that have been hanging over your head for a while, as well as reaching out to people you keep putting on the back burner. Getting these things in order now, will clear all of that stagnant energy that is causing undue stress and keeping you from excitedly stepping into the light of spring, and setting new goals and celebrating life. 


Think of it as spring cleaning for your life as well as your spirit. Muster the fortitude to plow through these tasks and your reward will be the feeling of freedom, joy, and excitement that comes from a major weight being lifted off your shoulders. The new moon brings a flood of unlimited possibilities opening up in front of you.