William And Harry Reportedly Only Had One Person In Mind When They Spoke After Tell-All

Prince William is still dealing with the fallout from his younger brother Prince Harry's shocking tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey back in March. Harry, alongside his wife Meghan Markle, opened up about their exit as senior members of the royal family and dished some surprising details about their wedding and families (via CNN). During the two-hour TV special, Meghan admitted that she suffered from mental health issues during her time as an active part of the royal family. She also shockingly admitted that she had suicidal thoughts, revealing that she felt isolated and lonely.

In addition, Meghan claimed that her sister-in-law, Kate Middleton, made her cry during an incident when they were making preparations for her wedding to Harry. However, one of the most shocking bombshells from the interview came when Harry and Meghan revealed that members of the royal family had made racially insensitive comments about the skin color of their child. They refused to name the person who made the comments, sharing, "That conversation, I am never going to share. At the time, it was awkward, I was a bit shocked," Harry stated. Following the interview, William denied the allegations of racism within the family (via NBC News). Now, William and Harry seem to be putting their differences aside for a very important reason.

Prince William and Harry will come together for an important family tribute

Us Weekly reports that Prince William has spoken with Prince Harry since the interview. However, the brothers only spoke about one topic during their conversation, an upcoming tribute to their late mother Princess Diana. "[It] was the only topic they discussed," a source told the outlet. The brothers have been working on an idea to create a statue of their beloved mother since 2017 (via Observer). The statue will honor the 20th anniversary of Diana's heartbreaking death and acknowledge her impact on the world. However, their plans got delayed and they opted to have the statue mark what would have been Diana's 60th birthday instead. 

"The conversation Harry and William had after the big interview didn't end well. And yes, they agreed over the statue, but communication between them was sparse and over email and WhatsApp," the source told US Weekly. The situation is said to be tense between William and Harry. "The statue is to reflect on Diana's legacy, not their feud, and William wants to keep it that way, but Harry is refusing to meet up with William and won't be bossed around by his brother. His stubbornness is making a bad situation worse," the insider dished, adding that William wants to meet with Harry before the public appearance. Despite what happens, it seems that the world will be watching when the brothers finally come together at the statue's unveiling in July.