These Are The Best Indoor Plants For Beginners

Though it might seem like indoor plants are less high maintenance than, say, a pet, they often seem to wilt in the face of your good intentions no matter how much attention they receive. Apart from improving the appeal of any space, houseplants also have the potential to remove up to 87 percent of air toxins in only 24 hours of being in a space, according to research conducted by NASA, per The Healthy Home Economist. On top of clearing your space of toxins (and providing the perfect background for your Instagram photos), a study conducted by Exeter University (via Science Daily) found that houseplants can also improve your concentration, productivity, and memory. Given these benefits, your obsession with decking out your space with a plethora of indoor plants is completely understandable.


For those who have yet to join the plant mom (or dad) bandwagon, the hunt for the perfect indoor plant that doesn't require constant attention can be daunting. Perhaps the easiest and most plentiful options lie in the many varieties of succulents and cacti that simply need bright light and little water. In fact, according to The Spruce, succulents and cacti really only require the right placement (somewhere with plenty of light) to thrive. Typically, they are tough enough to withstand even the most negligent plant owners.

Pothos and vining plants are great plants for beginners

More so than any other species, pothos and vining plants are relatively low maintenance and nearly take care of themselves. If you're unfamiliar with the pothos plant by name, it's likely that you've at least spotted them in your doctor's office or boutique. "There's a reason you see it just about everywhere, from malls to doctors' offices to your friend's living room -– it'll tolerate just about any environment," Eliza Blank, founder of The Sill, told Glamour. "This quick-growing trailing plant does best in bright indirect to medium indirect light but can tolerate low light and requires water once every one to two weeks." Vining plants, such as the popular philodendron brasil, are also incredibly adaptable to almost every lighting situation.


If you're seeking an indoor plant that is a bit edgier, the Mini Money Tree — despite its incredibly unique shape — does not possess a unique caretaking regimen. As author and plant enthusiast Darryl Cheng told Allure, Mini Money Trees are incredibly sturdy and only need a humid environment and plenty of water to thrive. 

To ensure that your plant babies keep you company for years to come, it's important to purchase the right soil and to provide an adequate amount of water and light to suit that specific plant. At the end of the day, doing a bit of research will help you keep your plant mom or dad status for years to come (per Gardener's Path).