Is It Bad To Keep Plants In Your Bedroom?

If you have a green thumb, you probably have several indoor plants, and perhaps just as many outside, if you have space. You likely have several gorgeous green plants throughout your house, helping improve the air quality (via Casper), and providing additional health benefits. However, if you've done much reading about plants in your bedroom as you sleep, you may realize it's a hotly debated topic (via Feng Shui Nexus). Part of the reason that Feng Shui experts don't recommend plants in the bedroom is that they produce energy that isn't compatible with sleeping, and the other reason is the carbon dioxide they release. 

Not everyone believes that plant respiration is a problem for your bedroom and your sleeping, though. Casper noted that plants not only improve your room's air quality, but also improve your mood while adding to your decor. According to The Spurce, having living greenery in your bedroom may help you charge your battery when you spend time in bed.

These are the best plants for your bedroom

Because plants can help remove toxins and improve your air quality, there are several varieties that will work best in the room where, according to a 2011 study published in the journal, Handbook of Clinical Psychology, you spend about one-third of your life. Casper recommends a Heart Leaf Philodendron as long as your bedroom is able to accommodate its need for moderate to bright light and occasional water. A Peace Lily also works well in the bedroom (via The Spruce). It is a popular house plant that thrives in varied light situations, which means it could work no matter what type of light shines into the room you sleep in. Spider plants are also easy to grow, and thrive indoors. Casper reported that spider plants helps remove benzene, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, and xylene, increasing your air quality. Aloe Vera, philodendrons, and English ivy are others to try.

If you want to add color other than green to your room, The Spruce suggests adding a potted Gerber Daisy which would last for a while, as long as you water it and keep it out of harsh sunlight. 

As if you needed another reason to add some greenery to your bedroom Casper reports that plants are thought to have a calming effect, which is perfect for a tranquil sleep space!