Every Kiss In Bridgerton Ranked From Worst To Best

Unless you were living under a rock in 2020, you probably came across the Netflix show Bridgerton. The period romance series quickly became a smash hit after its release on Christmas Day, with an estimated 63 million households tuning in the show's first 28 days on the streaming platform (via The Hollywood Reporter). The mixture of Jane Austen manners, Gossip Girl intrigue, and steamy love scenes proved to be a winning formula.

The show follows the Bridgerton family's eldest daughter, Daphne, as she enters society and attempts to find a husband. Her relationship with Simon, the Duke of Hastings is filled with ups, downs, and plenty of seriously hot scenes. Anthony and Siena also enjoyed some romance with their love affair that was doomed by the class divide.

Want to relive some of the best romances and swoon-worthy kissing scenes that Bridgerton had to offer? Here are all of the kisses on the show ranked from worst to best.

17. The kisses before Daphne learns the truth about Simon are the worst

While we loved all of the kisses in Bridgerton, one of them had to come in last place: Daphne and Simon's moment leading to a certain sex scene in Episode 6. Prior to this scene, our favorite couple had been in a blissful honeymoon phase. Before marrying, Simon had told Daphne that he couldn't have children, which she had assumed was a biological problem. However, as Daphne learned more about the birds and the bees, she began to suspect that her husband was using the pull-out method of contraception on purpose. This was the scene when Daphne forced him to climax while on top of him in bed.

While the scene begins with some passionate kisses, it quickly becomes an uncomfortable moment. In fact, as Vox pointed out, the scene can easily be read as an example of nonconsensual sex. We're going to say that this controversial, problematic scene includes the worst kiss in the show.

16. We didn't want to see Madame Delacroix and Benedict Bridgerton kiss

Our second least favorite kiss in Bridgerton came when the second Bridgerton brother, Benedict, visited Henry Granville's racy party. There was a lot of kissing going on at this party, but the most important one was between Benedict and Madame Delacroix, the local dressmaker. After kissing on the stairs, Benedict heads off in search of a quiet room. He opens a door and finds his friend with another man. After staring at them in shock, he sits down with Madame Delacroix and another woman. What follows, we can only assume, is a threesome. Very racy stuff for a period drama!

As Vulture noted in their review of the fifth episode, this moment is a little more complicated than it initially appears. "This is a good, one-minute encapsulation of masculinity in the early 19th century," the publication wrote. At the time, an underground gay community was emerging. "Men who wished to be viewed as straight went into sexual hyperdrive and did a lot of flagrant banging of women to publicly cement their status," the publication went on. So, in other words, this scene could have been Benedict's way of attempting to "prove" he wasn't gay.

15. It wasn't exactly romantic when Siena and Anthony kissed on the stairs

Siena and Anthony's tortured relationship involved him leaving her to do his duty and then returning to her — again and again. In Episode 3, he returns to her for the first time. In a charged scene, he follows her up some stairs, saying, "I miss you. I cannot think of anything else, Siena. Come back to me." The pair then share a passionate kiss, before Siena pushes him away, saying, "Your position in life remains unchanged and so too does mine." She has a point — Anthony can't be with Siena properly without giving up his title and his position. And Siena's honest words definitely do a good job of killing the moment, so, naturally, this marks one of the worst kisses on Bridgerton.

As Decider noted in their review of the episode, Siena is also trying to pursue Simon at this point in the show in order to support herself. However, Simon is currently distracted by Daphne. As the review put it, "It feels like the Bridgertons are, inadvertently or not, really f***ing things up for Siena." This kiss is less romantic and more depressing, all things considered.

14. Daphne and Simon kissed in a field, but their bliss doesn't last for long

Next up, we have Simon and Daphne's kiss in the field outside their home in Episode 6. This kiss happens shortly before Daphne discovers that Simon has been lying to her about his reproductive health. In this scene, Simon says happily, "It thrills me that you are satisfied with our married life as it is. Just the two of us." She replies, "I have all that I want just here." The pair then share a tender kiss.

On the surface, everything seems to be going well for the couple. In fact, this scene initially looks like one depicting married bliss. However, the audience knows that Simon has been lying and that it's only a matter of time before Daphne figures it out. It's hard to enjoy this kiss knowing that their entire relationship was based on a lie.

As The Cinemaholic wrote, "Things take a turn for the dark and heavy in this episode." This is one of the couple's last moments of "light and frothy" happiness — and while it's a nice moment, it's tainted by what we all know is coming.

13. When Daphne and Simon kissed in bed as newlyweds

In Bridgerton's sixth episode, we see Daphne and Simon lounging and kissing in bed shortly after getting married. They are the perfect picture of newly wedded bliss. "I believe I now know the reason why every mama of the time keeps her daughter in total darkness about certain diversions," Daphne says lazily. "Should they have told us what it was truly like, however would we get anything else done at all?" When she tries to leave, saying, "If I'm to be Duchess of all of this, I must start learning the lie of the land," the duke replies seductively, "You're already Duchess of all this," dragging her hand down his body.

Clearly, Daphne is thrilled with her new life as a married woman — and so is Simon. It's lovely to see this pair finally happy. Nevertheless, this kiss isn't exactly one of our all-time favorites since it doesn't have the same levels of dramatic sexual tension that some of the others do. We'd probably give this one a solid 6 out of 10 — it's pretty good, but definitely not the best.

12. Daphne and Simon looked happy when they kissed in the carriage

Another nice Bridgerton kiss comes about 30 seconds into the show's sixth episode. It's the morning after their first night together as a married couple and everything looks like it's going well for Daphne and Simon. As they ride up to his estate, they share a tender kiss in the carriage. After their many misunderstandings in the run up to their marriage, it's a serious relief to see these two acting like real newlyweds! Lady Whistledown's voiceover sums up what we're all thinking. "I must send felicitations to the new Duke and Duchess of Hastings. Congratulations and stamina as they embark on the most exhilarating time in a young couple's life — I am, of course, talking of the honeymoon." As the audience, we are definitely ready for this exhilaration!

While we love this little kiss between Daphne and Simon, we have to admit that it doesn't really stand out.

11. Fans probably wanted Anthony and Siena to stay together after this kiss

Anthony and Siena finally seem to be on the right track in Episode 8 of Bridgerton. After getting back together backstage at the boxing match, the couple spend a lazy morning laughing and kissing in bed. Anthony is clearly over the moon to have her back, and the two discuss the upcoming ball. "Do not tell me you shall find some young lady to lead in a waltz all evening," Siena jokes. In his giddy happiness, Anthony exclaims, "Come with me tonight. Siena, I'm a Viscount, my sister is now Duchess and the Duke, my brother-in-law. There is no one that would dare say a thing." It seems like maybe this couple will be able to stay together for good after all, in spite of the social differences.

This scene is by far Anthony and Siena's most romantic one. For once, they seem to be on the same page, and Anthony is finally attempting to welcome her into his life. While things ultimately don't work out, we love this touching moment and what it means for Anthony's character growth.

10. Siena and Anthony's passionate kiss in the premiere

One of the first times we see Siena and Anthony together is about 15 minutes into the first episode of Bridgerton. After Anthony appears at the opera house where Siena is rehearsing, the pair share a mind-blowingly steamy kiss backstage in her dressing room. Lamps are flying across the room and frames are getting smashed. It's pretty clear that these two are seriously passionate about each other. "Someone may hear us, my lord," Siene tells Anthony as they embrace.

There's no denying that this Bridgerton sequence is pretty hot and steamy, but this scene felt a little off-putting since we weren't yet acquainted with Anthony and Siena. Plus, this moment wasn't quite as enjoyable as some of their later kisses. Nevertheless, we do get a pretty good indication of the strength of their passion in this scene.

9. When Daphne and Simon kiss while she tends to his wounds

After Daphne finds out that Simon has been purposefully avoiding impregnating her, they fight and things grow pretty tense between them. In the seventh episode of the show, we watch as the pair struggle with their hurt feelings mixed with their genuine love for each other as Daphne tends to Simon's wounds. It seems that, despite being furious with each other, the couple can't bear being this close — soon enough, they're back at with a passionate kiss.

This is an incredibly touching scene that illustrates just how strong their feelings really are — even though moments later, they begin arguing again. Simon says that his father is the reason he decided never to have children. Daphne demands to know why he's letting his dead father stand in the way of their happiness.

As Decider said of the heartbreaking moment, "Regé-Jean Page continues to impress with the way he captures Simon's difficulty speaking in emotional moments." Because of the character's old stutter, he struggles to tell Daphne everything. This Bridgerton kiss is a pretty good one — but it's definitely overshadowed by all of the couple's issues.

8. This Episode 6 kiss was seriously steamy

Much of Bridgerton's sixth episode is dedicated to charting the steamy honeymoon of Daphne and Simon. They are young, in love, and having, well, a lot of fun. In one scene, Daphne comes into Simon's study to get some attention. She sits on his lap and demands to know why he stayed away from his tenants for so long. Simon avoids answering the question and instead begins playfully kissing her, saying, "Business in London. Then, I met this impertinent young lady with a right hook like an Eastern prize fighter." Daphne continues to ask Simon why he has been avoiding his house, but Simon continues to distract her. The pair continue to giggle and kiss, and things soon get seriously steamy on the duke's desk.

While this moment is undeniably one of the steamiest in the show, it's hard to enjoy it. As viewers, we've seen flashbacks that show Simon's unhappy childhood, so we know the real reason he's been avoiding his duties as the duke. It's hard to watch him refusing to open up to Daphne.

7. Siena and Anthony's kiss in her doorway was so hopeful (and hot)

Siena and Anthony are pretty much the epitome of a passionate couple. In Episode 4, after telling Siena he couldn't stay with her, Anthony finally returns. He appears at her door the night before his duel with Simon, desperate to see the woman he loves before his potential demise. (It's all very dramatic!)

When Siena tries to turn him away, he begs her, saying, "We cannot be together, I know that now. This world shall not permit it, but what if we were to find ourselves in another situation? In a place where you and I might be accepted?" He then tells her of the upcoming duel and says he will be free to go wherever he pleases if he survives. As Refinery29 put it, "Apparently, if he doesn't die, he has to flee the country since duels are illegal." This is too much for Siena to resist, and they leap into each other's arms. This is the kind of scene that will leave you wanting a cold shower!

6. Daphne and Simon's Wildest Dreams kissing montage

Of all of the kissing scenes in Bridgerton, the "Wildest Dreams" sequence may be the most memorable. Basically, it's a montage of Daphne and Simon having sex all over his estate during their honeymoon set to an all-strings cover of Taylor Swift's "Wildest Dreams." Bridgerton doesn't get more Bridgerton than this.

The epic scene begins with Daphne and Simon having a make-out session in the rain outside the estate after abandoning their dinner. This turns into a raunchy sex scene in the gazebo. We then get a montage of the couple doing it all over the place — in bed, by the lake on a picnic blanket, perched on a ladder in the library, you name it.

Fans could not get enough of this montage, as Refinery29 noted. And it certainly wasn't easy to film. In fact, as the intimacy coordinator Lizzy Talbot told The Hollywood Reporter, the montage took months to create. The actors and producers must be glad to know that their hard work paid off!

5. When Anthony and Siena couldn't keep apart at the boxing match

If you were ever looking for a master class in sexual tension, this scene would be it. In Bridgerton's eighth episode, after Siena and Anthony have parted ways twice because of their different social classes, they happen to meet at the boxing match. The pair sit across from each other — and the loaded looks they share across the boxing ring speak volumes. Clearly, the tension is too much for these two to bear, because the next thing we know, they're making out under the bleachers. It would be hard not to love this scene. Not only is it raw and passionate, but it's also a long-awaited moment for this will-they, won't-they couple.

Of course, getting a sex scene like this right takes some practice. As Lizzy Talbot, the show's intimacy coordinator, told The Times, the actors practiced the scene in a hotel room before filming. "At one point in the rehearsals," she recalled, "Sabrina [Bartlett] slipped and sort of did this fireman's pole down Johnny [Bailey] to the floor. And I don't think we recovered for about ten minutes." Turns out even the sexiest scenes can be pretty funny.

4. Daphne and Simon's kiss on the stairs proved their passion

One of Simon and Daphne's best kisses happens in Bridgerton happens in Episode 7, shortly after the couple begins fighting about Simon's contraceptive methods. The kiss comes after the couple spend several days acting cold and bitter towards each other. One night, when Simon is coming home from a heated boxing session, he comes upon Daphne on the staircase. She asks, "Is this truly what our marriage will be for the future?" She then implies that he's been with another woman, saying, "It is clear you think there is nothing left in our marriage," to which he retorts, "Is it what you believe?"

Both of them suddenly kiss — finally, what we've all been waiting for! After all the bitterness, this kiss is a serious relief, and it ends up being pretty spicy. They begin having sex on the staircase, but when Daphne says, "Should we go into the bedroom, finish what we started?" Simon backs away, remembering their unresolved issues. Still, this is an amazing kissing scene thanks to all the tension. As Paste put it, "Now that they are awakened to what sex feels like when you love the other person, there's no turning back."

3. When Simon and Daphne kissed after the party

Simon and Daphne go through some serious problems after their marriage. However, after Daphne proclaims her love for Simon after their ball in Episode 8 — saying, "I love all of you ... you can choose to love me as much as I love you" — there finally seems to be some hope for the couple. Shortly after this scene, Simon finds Daphne and tells her, "I do not want to be alone," but claims he doesn't know how to give her what she needs. She replies, "You stay, and we get through this together." 

As gentle piano music begins to play, the pair kiss tenderly. He picks her up and gently takes her to the bed, where they have sex for the first time as equals with no secrets. It's the perfect ending to their story and it's what we'd all been waiting for. As Vulture put it, they "snatch happiness from the jaws of defeat."

2. Daphne and Simon's first kiss in the garden

Even though Bridgerton is filled with kissing scenes between Daphne and Simon, it takes the pair four whole episodes to actually kiss. And the build-up makes the first kiss completely electric. After beginning their relationship as enemies, then co-conspirators, the pair don't initially acknowledge their feelings for each other. However, the sexual tension finally gets the better of them. After an argument during a party, Daphne storms off into the dark garden with Simon close at her heels, telling her to come back as it isn't safe.

Suddenly, they find themselves entirely alone. After staring into each other's eyes for a few moments, Simon finally kisses her. He apologizes, but she kisses him back. Even though the pair don't actually have sex in the garden, Glamour included this moment in their top Bridgerton sex scenes, giving it a 9 out of 10. We have to say — we agree! This is one TV kiss we won't be forgetting any time soon.

1. That passionate wedding night kiss

Our top kiss in Bridgerton goes to the famous wedding night scene between Daphne and Simon. After Simon requests a separate room for their wedding night, the pair argue. Daphne feels that Simon has been avoiding her. "I have spent the last three days in agony... because I knew you wanted nothing to do with me," Simon says. He explains that he feels that she is disappointed in him as he "can't" give her children. Then, we get what might be the most famous exchange of the series. Simon becomes angry and says, this is what happens "when one burns for someone who does not feel the same." Daphne replies, "I burn for you." Finally, they kiss. What follows is a very steamy wedding night scene.

As actress Phoebe Dynevor told Refinery29, this romantic sex scene took over half a day to shoot. "They're intense scenes. They're very choreographed and they take a while — a lot of angles and it's kind of exhausting as well," she said. We've decided to give this kissing scene the No. 1 place because of the famous "burn for you" line and the sensitive, slow portrayal of their wedding night.