The Tragic Death Of Lisa Fleming From My 600-Lb Life

TLC's My 600-Lb Life follows the incredible stories of morbidly obese people as they embark on life-changing weight loss journeys. Sadly, not every story featured on the hit reality show has a happy ending, and in 2018, former participant Lisa Fleming tragically died (via Showbiz Cheat Sheet). 

As The Sun reports, Fleming weighed in at around 700 pounds when she appeared on My 600-Lb Life back in February 2018, and viewers witnessed seven paramedics attempt to move bed-ridden Lisa from her home in Texas. Speaking on the show, Fleming said she struggled to care for herself and revealed the discovery of maggots on her body was her "wake up call."

In a statement to TMZ, Fleming's daughter, Danielle, confirmed her mother's tragic death in August 2018. She revealed Lisa had managed to drop roughly 200 pounds since appearing on the TLC show. However, Fleming eventually succumbed to "various illnesses" she had suffered with prior to appearing on the series. "At the end she was sick and her body was tired and her body just gave out," Danielle revealed, adding that she was holding her mother's hand for four hours as she died. 

TLC paid tribute to Lisa following her death

Lisa's daughter also shared a heartfelt tribute to her mother on Facebook. Per Life & Style, Danielle wrote, "Mommy, I love you from here to the stars and back! Those babies loved you even more. I'm happy you're no longer in pain and stuck in that bed. Y'all pray for me, check on me, come see about me because I am not OK! I love my mama [and] I wouldn't wish this pain on my worse [sic] enemy. Rest In Peace, Mother Arleasher M. Fleming!"

Elsewhere, TLC also paid tribute to the late My 600-Lb Life star (via The Sun). In a statement, a representative for the network said, "TLC is saddened to hear that Lisa Fleming, who appeared on My 600-lb Life, passed away on August 23, 2018." The rep continued, "In February, viewers followed Lisa's story to overcome childhood struggles and family tragedy during her weight-loss journey with Dr. Now. TLC shares its deepest sympathies to Lisa's family and friends."