Here's How To Actually Do The Soap Brows Trend At Home

The quest for good eyebrows lives on. Every year, brow enthusiasts break TikTok with the latest viral eyebrow grooming trends, and the looks only get bolder and bolder. The Fox Eye Challenge paid homage to model Kendall Jenner's straight and sharp eyebrows, and had TikTok users bravely shaving off half of their brows to replicate the high fashion look (via Refinery29). Though these viral trends don't always have the perfect fairy-tale ending — like the users who quickly regretted their decision to jump on the Fox Eye trend (via Nylon) — they show how easy it is to switch up your entire look with a simple pluck here or a carefully shaped hair there.

There's another viral challenge that has beauty lovers singing its praises and putting down the razor. The soap brow trend has been circulating all over Instagram and TikTok for awhile, and makes a strong case for bold, full and natural-looking brows, according to Allure. It's a total game changer, requires zero makeup experience and minimal products. Here's how to DIY the soap brows trend and get perfect brows.

The Soap Brows trend will give you naturally fluffy brows in 4 simple steps

The purpose behind TikTok's viral Soap Brow trend is to keep your eyebrow hairs in place and give them a laminated look (via Glamour). The first thing you need to do is spray the bristles of your spoolie brush with your favorite facial mist. You can eyeball it and spray as needed or until your brush is wet enough to pick up enough soap for the next step, which is rubbing it against a bar of soap (via Cosmopolitan). 

But don't just use any bar of soap. International brow stylist and founder of beauty brand Brow Code, Melanie Marris, told mindbodygreen the biggest mistake that people make in the hunt for soap brows. "Soap brows can be really drying on the brow hair and skin when using regular soap. I recommend looking for something containing nourishing ingredients to ensure your brow is not damaged in the process," she explained. Any soap that's facial friendly, and is packed with nourishing ingredients like aloe or argan oil is fair game (via mindbodygreen).

Once you've applied enough soap, brush your brows with your soapy spoolie brush. When combined, the moisturizing soap and facial mist creates a gel that'll lock your eyebrow hairs in place, making it easy to shape them into your desired look. Go over any patchy areas with a brow gel, pencil or powder or of your choice and bam, hello perky brows (via Cosmopolitan).