90 Day Fiancé: This Small Detail In Natalie's Tell-All Outfit Has Fans Scratching Their Heads

90 Day Fiancé fans immediately noticed something very off about Natalie Mordovtseva's outfit on the tell-all, where the Ukranian cast member and partner Mike Youngquist were questioned about their relationship status (via TV Insider). As host Shaun Robinson said, he was "shocked" the transcontinental couple were still together after Mike's supposed cheating scandal, and the two admitted they needed to work out their issues. But it was one small detail that had fans guessing Natalie and Mike had actually called it quits.

On the tell-all, Natalie revealed that she and Mike needed "to work on" their relationship, and rated their bond as a six out of ten. While that doesn't sound ideal, it's a lot better than viewers were guessing after the couple's serious issues throughout Season 7. Apart from the possible cheating, the pair's cringe-worthy breakup and canceled wedding were put on full display on the show, resulting in a very awkward farewell scene when Natalie left back to Ukraine amid the pandemic (via ET).

Natalie did not have her engagement ring on during the tell-all

With a canceled wedding under their belt, it's no wonder Natalie notably did not have her engagement ring on during the tell-all, saying she feared it could be stolen. As expected, fans aren't buying the excuse, taking to Twitter to discuss the alleged lie. One unconvinced user wrote, "Natalie left her ring at home so it wouldn't get stolen? After tearing apart the house trying to get it back?....Ya okay haha," with others equally skeptical (via Twitter).

According to Screen Rant, it seems like Mike and Natalie have officially separated. In fact, many of Natalie's Instagram commenters are noting how much happier she looks, posting cooking videos with a huge smile on her face. The reality star also posted a jokingly-romantic April Fools' Day video with fellow 90 Day star, Geoffrey Paschel, making followers speculate about their relationship status. One fan commented, "This would be a good couple!!!" (via Instagram).

On the tell-all, Mike described feeling "a lot of pressure" and being "lost" the night before the wedding. Natalie said their neighbor, Tamara, revealed Mike was actually at a bachelor party, and Mike's mom Trish even said that she asked Tamara to object to the wedding (via TV Insider). Whew!

It's clear that the troubled couple are better off just moving on, but fans are now wondering if Natalie kept the ring and chooses not to wear it, or if Mike took it back after all (via ET).