Here's How The Skullcap Herb Helps Calm Anxiety

While many over-the-counter options claim to help offset feelings of stress and anxiety, mother nature also provides herbs and plants that can do the trick as well. From St. John's Wort to Ashwagandha, many substances have offered relief from ruminating thoughts and feelings of fear that many seek. According to Healthline, skullcap has long provided a remedy for pain and anxiety in both Native American and Chinese medicine traditions. In their plant form, these herbs look like blue flower blossoms that aid in reducing digestive issues, inflammation, and high blood pressure. 

But, most notably, this herb aids in the reduction of anxiety symptoms. According to MindbodyGreen, skullcap lowers symptoms of restlessness by soothing the central nervous system. You can opt for a tea that contains this herb to reap the soothing benefits that settle your muscles and your mind. 

Healthline suggests that skullcap stimulates the GABA levels in the brain. This neurotransmitter is responsible for calming nerves throughout the body. Essentially, skullcap works by calming the central nervous system to a point at which the body and mind can fully relax. The outlet shares that the herb was often used to aid in reducing symptoms of anxiety and insomnia for this reason.

Skullcap fights inflammation

Another way that the herb works is through its positive impacts on inflammation. WebMD reports that taking skullcap is thought to reduce swelling and areas of inflammation throughout the body and thus result in a relaxed feeling. Research shows that those who've taken the herb as a supplement helped participants feel less tense and more able to relax after adding it to their routine.

Its anti-inflammatory properties also work to reduce the damaging consequences of stress, Healthline reports. The influx of these antioxidants offsets issues related to inflammation such as various diseases including cancer. Some studies even found it capable of reducing the likelihood of having Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease. Alongside other antibacterial and antifungal effects, skullcap proves to be an herb that impacts more than just your nervous system.

Effective in fighting off various illnesses and soothing your nerves, skullcap could be a helpful antidote when it comes to anxiety and restlessness. Opt for a tea or tincture with the herb to see if it's right for you.