The Best Hats For Your Face Shape

Knowing your face shape is important, if not essential. It determines your makeup routine, haircuts, and even the hats you wear. According to Hats, the face shape you have determines the type of hat you can wear (and if the hat looks good on you).

While it might seem hard to determine the best hat for your face shape, Hats says that the process is easy — it only has two parts! Simply measure your head by using a measuring tape or something flexible, like headphones or a charger cord, the outlet recommended. Keep your measurements because they determine the size of the hat. The next step is accounting for the shape of your face when making your selection of hats, per Hats.

There are six face shapes and they each accentuate different parts of your face. For example, according to Gigi Pip, diamond face shapes are more angular and have slim foreheads. Thus, the perfect hat for a diamond face shape must be a beanie or a pork pie because it will not make your face look shortened (via Hats).

The right hat for your face shape will highlight and accentuate your features

Round faces are one of the easiest face shapes to style, per Hats. The outlet said that this face shape needs to wear angular hats, such as a fedora or cloche. Hats Unlimited added that beanies also work for found face shapes because the hat will expose more of your facial features, which will reveal more of your face and create a longer look.

Hats Unlimited also recommended floppy hats or wide brims for square faces, saying that this face shape needs a hat that'll tone down its angular features and replace them with smooth and rounded accents. A floppy hat, for example, will soften a square faces' features and offer you a bit of shade — a two in one, the outlet revealed!

For heart-shaped faces, you must avoid wearing narrow crown hats, especially if you have high, prominent cheekbones (via Hats Unlimited). Hats revealed that baseball caps, newsboys, or fedoras are the go-to hats for heart-shaped faces because they'll de-accentuate the wideness in your upper face and the narrowness in your jaw.

Whatever your face shape may be, the ultimate decision on your hats resides with you. So what if it doesn't fit with your face shape? If you like that hat, that's all that matters.